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Why Women Pursuing Online Education is a Good Idea

The ratio of women to men in the distance learning population shows that women out number men (an average of 57% of distant learning students are women). Women tend to dominate the distance learning population, and men tend to dominate the class room learning population. The common explanation for this can be the traditional perception that women are “stay at home moms.” BUT with the growth of the internet these “stay at home moms” can now take advantage of the benefits of online education. Another stereotype that can support this statistic is women tend to be more detailed and task-oriented than men, who are stereotypical represented as simple-minded. Women, it may seem, can organize and manage their time better; qualities all necessary for pursuing an online education.

Although changing drastically, traditionally women were/are very involved with the household and upbringing of the children. An online degree is perfect for this conventional way of thinking because, online courses are less disruptive for the family and can be completed on your own schedules. A mother can continue to play an active role in their child’s life while gaining a higher education due to the flexibility of online classes. However a “mother” should still be realistic of the demands of an online degree. Getting a college degree is important, but not so important that you should abandon your family responsibilities in the process. It is important to prepare school-aged children for the changes of your college life. Even if taking online classes, it is a fun experiment to give children a virtual tour of your respective campus. It makes your education more tangible for them.

Also traditional, and changing drastically, is the perceived constraints and limitations women have in comparison to men. A lot of adult women who are pursing a higher education did not have the freedom of educational resources in their youth. Now stuck in a career, the only way to fulfill a higher degree is with the breakthrough of online learning. Online education has widened the opportunities for women and has help make learning and training much more accessible. With the recent growth in distance learning and online degrees, the number of women taking advantage of what online education has to offer is increasing. Also because women now have more opportunities to join the work force, more and more are pursuing higher degrees; and online education is a perfect alternative to pursuing a degree.

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