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How to Select the Right Online Course for You

tips How to Select the Right Online Course for YouIf you ever have done any research into online education you know how confusing and complicated things can be.   There are literally thousands upon thousands of different degree programs, courses and classes available.  Some universities offer their entire curriculum online.  Some universities and colleges combine a mix of online courses coupled with classroom work, and still other online resources offer educational opportunities purely for fun or personal satisfaction.    How do you navigate this complex maze to find the online education that is suitable for you?

Online courses offer the flexibility and convenience of continuing your education from your home or office.  Many people who take online courses do so because they can fit it into their busy schedules.  The demands of career, family and other obligations often leave people with little free time.  The advantage of taking online courses is that they are very flexible.  You control when and where you take the course.

The most important information to consider when pursuing educational opportunities online is to determine what you are looking for.  What are your personal goals?  People take online classes for a variety of reasons.  Some wish to increase their earning potential in their current career.  Others are looking for new career opportunities.  And still others pursue online education to satisfy a personal interest or goal.

To begin your search for the right online class for you several questions should be taken into consideration:

Are you a good match for online learning?  Do you do well completing assignments and tasks independently or do you prefer a structured classroom environment?

What level of education have you already completed?

What level of education would you like to attain?

What subject would you like to study online?

What type of time commitment can you dedicate?

What type of computer do you own?  Some online courses require you to have the most up-to-date hardware and software.

What type of internet connection will you have during your course of study?

How proficient are you in navigating your computer?  This is an important factor to consider.  An interesting and fun online course could turn into a frustrating experience if you have problems operating your computer.

It is important to take these considerations into account before you start your online education search.  They will allow you to narrow down your options to provide a custom online education for whatever your needs may be.

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Online Education in Seattle

Forget about the rain and let’s go to the Emerald City! Seattle has world renowned restaurants, amazing theaters and museums, and is home to future-trending corporations like Amazon, Micro­soft, and Starbucks. Because of these top companies, the recession arrived late and with few damages in Seattle; thus unemployment is not a dire problem in this city… meaning jobs are available for you!!

In addition to being the home of grunge and coffee, Seattle, according to the United States Census Bureau, has the highest percentage of college and university graduates of any major U.S. cities. The city was listed as the most literate of the country’s sixty-nine largest cities in 2005 and 2006 and second most literate in 2007, and tied for most literate again in 2008. Let’s just say it might not be bright and sunny in Seattle, but the people sure are. Universities and colleges such as the University of Washington, the nation’s most respected public research universities, City University, and Antioch University offer online programs, so you too can contribute, where ever you are, to the high percentage of graduates in Seattle. Check out the above list of universities and start thinking about pursuing an online degree in Seattle!! And don’t forget to thank Seattle and Starbucks for keeping you awake, when you are studying for your online courses.

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How to Get Started with Online Education in Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States and home to some of the nation’s top private universities, Washington D.C. is an inspiring place to get an online education. Filled with so much history, the nation’s most important monuments and museums, Washington, DC is a great city for students. The cultural diversity of the community and the wide variety of attractions, lure people from around the world to come to and earn a college degree. Colleges and universities such as the American University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University offer online degree programs so you don’t even have to leave your living room to get the experience of your lifetime!

Washington D.C. universities and colleges are perfect for students trying to pursue degrees in political science or business. What better place to go than the President’s home to learn about the government or obtain a degree in business or political science? With such a rich culture and history, you can receive an incredible education from virtually any college or university in the district. Washington D.C’s colleges and universities are not only for the business and political science majors though! There is so much more to study at Washington D.C. universities besides the government. But whatever you study, it is indeed pretty cool to get a degree from the nation’s capital!

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Online Education in Atlanta, Georgia

A top business city and transportation hub, Atlanta is the US’s third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Company’s like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Delta, make Atlanta’s economy strong! In this recession, go where the economy is strong. Go to Atlanta. In addition to being a huge business epicenter for the US, Atlanta, next to Boston and New York, is home to one of the largest concentrations of universities and colleges in the nation.

The active city has more than 30 colleges and universities; many of these have been topped ranked in education and also provide online degree programs. Pursuing an online degree in Atlanta can be reputable and beneficial. Universities such as DeVry University, Georgia Institute of Technology, which has been ranked in the top ten public universities since 1999 by US News and World report, and Emory University offer online degrees for those who cannot ripe the benefits of this great city. Because it is one of the top transportation hubs in the nation, Atlanta’s traffic can be terrible; therefore pursuing an online degree in this respectable city might be a good idea—you won’t have to deal with traffic jams!! Consider researching the above universities for your online degree!

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Your Current Career Can Help Towards an Online Degree

So you are going back to school? The most popular reason adults return to school is to move up in their career. To make more money! Work is about money! And higher or additional degrees can get you more money!! Simple. Others pursue higher and additional degrees to get the kind of job they’ve always wanted. Maybe they’ve reached a midlife turning point and a career change is the right direction.

No matter the reason, going back to school and juggling a current job is hard. It might even seem impossible, but an online education might be the best combination for the transition from your old job to the new or better job! Online universities and colleges are perfect because they understand the unique needs of adult students who are in the process of changing or bettering their career in the middle of their work life.

Even if you’ve been out of college for 1 year to 50 years or never stepped foot in a classroom, your current job can actually help you with achieving your new degree. The experiences you get from working at your office can benefit you in your studies. All the seminars, or manuals for new equipment/procedures, phones calls, organizing meetings, or administrative skills you gained day in and day out, can actually help you write your assignments, manage your time, figure out extensive math problems, and get a great grade in your online course. Many adult students unfortunately forget that their life experiences and work skills can be VERY beneficial.

Another reason why your career can help you get your online degree is it will ultimately benefit your employer. The more educated their employees are, the fewer employees they’ll need… which ultimately saves them money, which means more money for you! Some employers are even willing to pay for their employee’s education, which instills employee loyalty in the company. Also higher degreed employees are more proficient in helping train new employees; thus reducing the time it takes for the newbies to learn the job… which yields more efficiency in the company…meaning more money.

So going back to school may seem like a huge step…. But you are half way there, thanks to your kind employers, and the long hours, stress and drama from your current job.

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