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10 Ways To Ace An Exam

test taking 10 Ways To Ace An ExamBefore you take your next exam, consider these 10 essential tips on test taking:

1. Prior to taking the test, think about your past test results. Your previous tests can help you determine what you need to study for the next test. Also, reviewing all your tests for a semester is a good way to study for final exams.

2. Bring any materials you might need for the test, such as pens, pencils, a calculator, and a watch. Obviously, what you will need to bring depends upon the subject as well as what individual items you will need for that specific test.

3. Show up early enough so you can take a few deep breaths before you begin and also will not have to rush and worry about being late. Set up your desk with your pens and what not. Make sure to use the bathroom before you arrive so you won't be distracted by bladder urges while you try to concentrate.

4. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable during the test. Try not to talk to others before the test begins, as it could increase your testing-taking stress. After all, anxiety can be contagious. While you take those deep breaths, tell yourself you are prepared and will do well. Then, force a smile on your face before you begin.

5. During the test, make sure you read the directions carefully. You do not want to miss important points. Also, read each question meticulously. For instance, what if the test is true and false? You could easily miss the word "not" and select the wrong answer!

6. Take your time. Do not try to rush through. Moving too quickly through the test can cause unnecessary mistakes, just as not reading things through can.

7. Manage your test time well. Try to answer the "easy" questions first. Those are the ones you know without a doubt or are almost sure of. That leaves the more difficult questions for the rest of the testing taking time, making you feel more at ease. If you focus on the difficult ones first, then you may run out of time. The easy ones are the ones you know and can almost guarantee you to score good points from those.

8. After you answer the questions, if time allows, start at the beginning of the test and review everything. Make sure that you have answered all the questions as well as have followed the directions carefully.

9. If there is any extra time, focus on the absolutely most difficult questions. Do a lot of deep thinking to come up with an answer.

10. Try not to change your test answers too many times. Sometimes your first instinct is right. However, if you have a sudden "aha" moment, then you should definitely alter your answer.

And there you have it; 10 tips on test taking. Use them wisely! Happy test taking.

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