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Characteristics of Business School Superstars

businessman Characteristics of Business School Superstars

If you want to succeed in business school duplicate the characteristics of Business School Superstars. Post this list of characteristics where you can see them throughout your business coursework: commitment, self awareness, independence, people skills, literacy, quantitative and technology skills.

Students who apply the following characteristics are well on their way to becoming a Business School Superstar:

Commitment: Establish clear reachable goals, write, revise and check your goals off as they are accomplished. Look at your goals daily. Be passionate and persistent in completing your goals. Acknowledge and appreciate your strong work ethic.

Self Awareness: Realize your strengths and weaknesses, your style of learning; auditory, visual, or tactile. Once you’ve identified your learning style, determine effective study habits to accommodate your learning style. Identify what skills you need to improve on and what skills you are willing to teach others. Tutoring other students builds confidence and effective communication skills.

Independence: Self motivation, determination and your positive attitude will propel you through course work. Participate in class discussions and ask questions. Confidence grows with every success you experience. Seek out all support services available to you on campus and online. Use the services that benefit you as often as needed.

Strong People Skills: Work well with others in small and large groups. Focus on your listening skills. Share your thoughts clearly; rephrase what you believe you heard to confirm your understanding. Know when to empathize, re-direct or diffuse confrontations. Accept change that will benefit an objective. Moreover demonstrate appreciation and speak highly of others often. A willingness to participate on team projects facilitating discussions and activities is a highly desirable characteristic in business.

Literacy: Reading, writing and presentation skills are essential. Read proficiently, articulate thoughts effectively, employ memory techniques, highlight key concepts and ask questions. Writing effectively builds credibility. Identify your audience prior to writing. Choose words with clear meaning. Correct punctuation and spelling are a must. Presentation skills are acquired by actually presenting! Practice in front of a mirror, friends or on a mountain top. Volunteer to read in class or recite as much as possible. Drink water not coffee on the day of your presentation. An effective communicator is held in high esteem by others.

Quantitative: Hone your skills and build your confidence in algebra and statistics. Seek assistance from available support services.

Technology: MS Office Suite, wireless technology and project management software will be used on a regular basis. Take advantage of the benefits of using all available technology available to you to produce your assignments and complete projects. Stay abreast of the new technology in your area of expertise and study. You don’t need to be the expert, locate an expert and ask for help.

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Learn All There Is About An Accelerated Online Degree

Are You Eager to Earn Your Degree?

With advancements in technology, online education is becoming much more practical and reputable.Couple that with prior education and work experience and you may be eligible to earn an accelerated online degree. Some degree programs take as little as 18 months to complete. Some take less with prior coursework or practical training. While it takes a good deal of self motivation to get the most out of online education, it can be the ideal situation for working professionals looking to advance in their current positions, augment their skill sets or even change their career paths. Accelerated online education allows you to study at a quick pace while not interrupting your professional or personal life.

What to Consider When Choosing an Accelerated Online Degree Program

You will first need to choose what area you want to study. Then, you will need to determine what the institution requires for you to take an accelerated degree track. At most institutions you will find that all degrees are offered from the associate’s level all the way up to the doctoral level. Online degree programs combine assigned readings with virtual lectures and discussions where you can interact with your peers and instructors. You will also want to ask how the program works. For example, will you need to buy your own books and are they readily available? Does the institution have 24/7 tech support? As most of your learning is done online, this is extremely important. Also, how are the courses structured? Is your instructor easily accessible or are there set "office" hours? Will you be able to interact with other students via discussion forums? And, if your field of study requires an internship or practical experience, you’ll need to find out how this will be handled. Your representative should be able to answer all of these questions and any others you may have.

Which Institutions Offer Online Education?

There are many institutions that offer accelerated online degrees. You can find them over the Internet, through campus visits or even through peer and employer recommendation. Some institutions that offer a wide range of subjects to be studied online include Florida Community College, Peirce College, Le Tourneau University, Ashworth College and many more.

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