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Strut Your Stuff! Make Yourself A Great Scholarship Candidate!

scholarships Strut Your Stuff! Make Yourself A Great Scholarship Candidate!Going to college with scholarships can greatly ease the burden on yourself and your parents. Scholarships are free money to pay for your education, books and room and board. There are scholarships everywhere and for almost anything, and the winner of the scholarship will be the candidate that best presents themselves in their application. Take these ideas under consideration when considering how to make yourself a great candidate!

Academics are the deciding factor on many scholarship awards. Most will have a grade point average (GPA) requirement. Demonstrating your ability to handle your course load and maintain a strong GPA will speak volumes about your aptitude and possibilities for success. When scholarships are awarded based on academics you have to demonstrate your desire to succeed in higher education. This starts with studying hard and doing well in your high school classes. This does not always require a 4.0 or perfect grade point average. SAT/ACT test scores can also give an indication about the possibilities for your success. Dedicate yourself to study time, focused classroom presence and maintaining a healthy balance to do your best and increase academic scholarship eligibility.

Going beyond academics, extra-curricular activities are also important to your profile as a scholarship candidate. Being a member of the drama team, debate team, band, national honor society, foreign language club or Explorer club will demonstrate that you are committed not only to your academic career. It will show that you are a well-rounded individual, and that you can handle academic studies along with social activities that will benefit y our community.

Speaking of benefiting the community, scholarship awards seem to find their ways into the hands of those with a strong sense of community service. Knowing that there is much more beyond yourself and understanding that there are people in need around you is important. Recognizing that need and feeling compelled to volunteer your time and energy to those less fortunate sends a message to scholarship committees that they are spending their money wisely on individuals who care not only about making a difference and succeeding academically, but helping others do so as well. After all, isn't that what scholarships are about?

Being a strong candidate does not depend on the type of scholarship you are applying for, it depends on the type of person applying for the scholarship. Present yourself in the best possible way by showing off your academic success, along with your desire to learn and be a vital part of your community.

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6 Steps To Green light Your Online Education

Green Light 732415 6 Steps To Green light Your Online EducationThe information age has ushered in the popularity and acceptance of online correspondence courses and degree programs, and if you are ready to get started, congratulations on scratching the surface. Digging deeper, consider these brief, yet necessary 6 online education, school starting steps to move you forward in pursuit of your goal!

Weigh Your Options

What are your goals? If you are somewhat lost and in need of direction, get busy on any one of several education sites to see what is offered and what might interest you. Believe it or not, getting started in the online education process does not have to be painful.


Possibly one of the most obvious yet overlooked necessities in a potential online education. If you want your degree, diploma or job certificate to amount to what you paid for it, your institution of choice MUST be accredited! You might learn a lot from Leroy's Online Business School, but if it isn't an accredited institution there's a good chance it will come back to bite you in a future business interview.

Choosing a school

There are several schools, colleges, etc. that would love to help you achieve your educational goals for a reasonable fee; however, you need to be specific in searching for what you desire. Do you want a degree in art, business, philosophy or some other field? The more specific you get with your goals, the faster you'll find the most appropriate fit.

Financial Aid

Do NOT fall into the mind trap that many students do in regards to financial aid. If you don't have the cash on hand to pay for all of your credits, classes or degree program, it doesn't mean you have to take out a loan. Look deeply into the world of scholarships. There are many available through government and private organizations, as well as grants and low interest loans that can be paid off at very reasonable rates.


If your education is worthwhile, then it's worthwhile to be patient in getting started. You may be chomping at the bit, but you need to find as close to a perfect fit as possible. Take time to read about your options and possibilities and subscribe to a quality over quantity philosophy. Contact universities and be sure you are as important to them as you want to be.


Don't become easily distracted as your education process begins. Properly dealing with distractions and prioritizing will help create an excellent sense of self discipline that you can use in your research and studies. It is imperative to establish these good habits at the beginning, so your future online educational endeavors are smooth sailing.

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Do Employers Mind If My Degree Is From An Online University?

Maybe you're considering getting a degree from an online university. Maybe you've just earned one and in preparing to apply for new jobs that will make the most of it, you're wondering whether or not prospective employers will see your resume and have bad associations with your online degree. In a word, the answer is no.

Employers who require employees to have a college degree care that you have one from somewhere. Traditionally, there are about 20 colleges in the United States (the Ivies and a handful of other prominent schools) that make employers sit up and take notice about where your degree came from. If you did not attend one of these places, you are like most people, who find that the name of their school is less important to their employers than how they performed academically, and what they studied.

In fact, your online degree may set you apart in a positive way from the rest of the pack of applicants. Successfully obtaining your degree online tells prospective employers that you are a person who will get the job done even when no one is looking. Online degrees testify that their recipients are self-motivated individuals who are capable of managing multiple priorities. And whatever job you're applying for, rest assured that those are two qualities all organizations prize.

Furthermore, online universities are becoming more and more popular. While your online degree can set you apart in the aforementioned ways, you should have no fear that it will stigmatize you. Each day, it becomes more and more likely that the person you sit down to interview with may have attended the same online school that you did!

Another benefit of the online university experience in the eyes of employers is that it is designed in large part for working professionals. The fact that you've made it through an online degree program tells your prospective employer that you have had intense exposure to the types of collegial interactions you will face in the working world. Online universities emphasize and develop the ability to work with others, to manage and meet deadlines, and to be responsible for learning on your own. When you consider all of the things a degree from an online university says about you, you should realize that you're more of a proven commodity, a "safer" hire than recent graduates from brick and mortar universities.

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Scholarships: Get That Money!

Academic scholarships are an easy way to use your academic success to pay for college. Taking advantage of these can be incredibly easy, provided that you are able and willing to submit applications notifying whomever is awarding scholarships about your academic ability. There are some common mishaps that might keep you from gaining access to that free money.

Review the application entirely. This is the first step in avoiding the disqualification of your application. Read over it before filling or signing anything. Review the requirements to complete, submit the application along with whatever supplemental documentation might be required. This can include, but is not limited to, transcripts, and essays. Make sure that you have plenty of copies of these documents handy to send off with all of your scholarship applications.

Do not confine your eligibility to one scholarship application. Find many academic scholarships for which you might be eligible. Apply for all of them. You might not make the finalist list for one, but you will for others. Give yourself as many opportunities as possible to get that free money!

When you have an application, fill it out completely. Make sure you have read it through and provided complete and accurate information. There are countless applications that are disqualified because the applicant cannot be contacted with the given information. Make sure to be very observant of what you are typing or writing and maybe even ask a friend or family member to proofread the items for you.

Another common mistake when completing applications is to apply for scholarships for which you are not eligible. This wastes your time, the evaluating committee's time and that certainly won't get you a scholarship, especially if you do not have the proper required credentials.

Remember, you are trying to apply for an academic scholarship. The application is your chance to shine! Check for completeness, grammar, spelling, accuracy and that you have all the right supporting documentation. Do not include things that have not been required, such as a photo of yourself or a non-essential essay. Many academic scholarships are reviewed by committees of people who review applications. They won't read anything that isn't part of the application. The application phase shows that you are organized, punctual and capable of following directions. Show them what you've got and they will show you the money!

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Faster, Easier, Pursue a Degree in Business Online

There is a way to become better involved in the world of business and start at a pay rate that might actually afford a comfortable lifestyle! It starts with higher education, and if you have yet to complete your bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a business bachelor degree online.

Pursuing your degree online equates to you being able to work or develop your own personal business plan while attending classes at your leisure, and from the location of your choice. You might even decide to go to class everyday while you’re on your lunch break! Multitasking is a definite key to success in the business world. And learning to do so while working toward your bachelor business degree will only help you get a head start on any future competition.

One thing you should keep in mind when looking for an online bachelor of business degree program, is that you’ll need a degree from a reputable and accredited online university! You shouldn’t worry or fret, because there are so many fine institutions available you may have trouble choosing; regardless, you don’t want to skimp on your education because you think you found a better bargain at a new online college! Research all of your options and compare the curriculums before you make any final decisions.

A business bachelor degree online will prepare you to compete in today’s contemporary job market. Without a doubt, so much of business is about team work, but it will be completely necessary to compete for a spot on that team at some point in your career. Earning a degree is a sign to a potential employer that you can complete a task when it is presented and you will see a project to its completion.

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Free Money??!! Apply For A College Scholarship Now!!

Have you started applying for your scholarship yet? No? WHY NOT!?! This is free money for your education. Following these quick and easy steps will help make this process painless.

First, Eliminate the Scholarships That Don’t Apply To You
There are many scholarships available for people who want to attend college. The most practical approach to winning the money you need or want to go to school is to do some research and figure out the scholarships for which you’re eligible. Because of the overwhelming amount of scholarships out there, you will save yourself a lot of time and potentially wasted effort if you identify at the outset of your process which scholarships just don’t apply to you.

Next, Make A List of the Scholarships That You Are Most Likely To Receive
Once you’ve eliminated the list of scholarships that have nothing to do with you, you’ll probably see that the amount of scholarships is still pretty large. Of course, this is basically good news, but if you are eligible for a very large number, the clock might run out on you before you have a chance to apply to them all. To mitigate this possibility, take your research skills in a different direction by learning about the scholarships you could apply to and prioritizing the ones that you most would like to receive, and/or have the best chance of receiving.

Look Around — Are There Experts Available To You Who Can Help You In Your Quest?
The above tasks may sound daunting. Before you get too overwhelmed, ask yourself if there is someone who could help you make sense of all of the scholarships. If you are still in high school, before you do anything, you should make an appointment with your guidance counselor and let him or her help you figure out which scholarships might be the best for you, as well as which ones you are the likeliest to be awarded. If you’ve been out of high school for a while and are looking to get that college degree, chances are there’s someone in your current circle of friends, maybe someone who’s already been to college and been through this, who can help you cut through all the paperwork to get to the scholarships that are best for you.

Don’t Forget The Internet When It Comes To Tracking Down Scholarships
There are a number of Web resources at your disposal to aid you in your search for money for college. For example, Fastweb.com is a very popular site devoted to helping people match them up with scholarships for which they’re eligible. A great feature of a site like Fastweb.com is that once you enter your profile information on the site, it will e-mail you with news about upcoming scholarship deadlines.

And of course, regardless of how you find out about your scholarships, as soon as you determine which ones you’ll go after, the most important thing is to request the application materials and complete them as soon as possible.

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How To Pay For College When Your Parents Can't

If you come from a limited financial background, that’s no reason that you shouldn’t go to college. In fact, the less financial support you have, the easier it may be to secure financial aid. Financial aid is only given out to the neediest students. That being said, there can be stiff competition for financial aid packages, so you should apply early.

If you are looking to save money on tuition, state schools are much cheaper overall than private schools–especially if you can prove residency. This is not true across the board, however. In special situations, you could potentially get a higher scholarship for a private university than financial aid at your local university. It’s important to weigh all of your options. Obviously, the school with the lowest tuition is a good first bet, but there are other factors to consider as well.

A good financial aid or grant program should be able to help with tuition, room and board, and supplies. If the latter is not included, cut costs by buying and selling used textbooks. Room and board can be a huge chunk of expenses–if you can cut costs by living in a shared living space, instead of a dorm, this is recommended. The trade-off is that you will have to make your own meals, but you can save hundreds of dollars a month on rent.

Getting a job is an absolute necessity–and may be mandatory as part of your financial aid package. Many financial aid packages require that you get a job on campus–a sort of pay as you go student loan. This may be preferable to other types of student loans, as you won’t be saddled with payments after you graduate. The problem is that your work study paycheck will go right back to the school, which doesn’t provide money for other expenses.

Student Loans

Student loans are by far the most popular form of tuition payment: borrow now, pay later. If you get a job during the school year, much of your paycheck will be going in pocket. At the same time, it is important to start paying off your student loan early on. Defaulting on student loan payments after you graduate can have long-term consequences. As you are trying to get footing in the workforce, it can be difficult to have to spend a large chunk of your paycheck on loans.

All that said, there is no reason to not go to college just because your parents cannot afford it. They may be able to meet you halfway by fronting some of the money if you are able to find a loan from somewhere else. Even if they don’t help out at all, you can still pay off tuition and other expenses through government loans, private grants, school scholarships, work study programs, and more.

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Choosing a Major: What's Important?

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when deciding on a major: your career and your soul. If you’re lucky, you can pick a major that’s good for both of them.

Satisfy Your Soul: What Do You Like To Study? What Interests You?

Where I went to college, the truism for picking a major went something like: "This is such a good school that all people will notice is your degree. Therefore, you can feel free to major in anything you like. When you go out to look for a job, the fact you went to school here will be more than enough." If you attend an institution with a similar philosophy, you will be encouraged to follow your passions when choosing a major, to forget about practicality and applicability.

There are many benefits to choosing a major based solely on what you like to study and think about. First, you will be happier than picking something more practical that you hate. Secondly, if you are studying something that really lights your intellectual fire, you’re bound to do better academically, which, in addition to being its own reward, will bring even more rewards down the road. Finally, while a college education should help you get a job, it is also an end in itself. Knowledge is its own reward. Besides, when you use the time in college to study something you’re passionate about, you will develop your intellect because you’re engaged with the material. Your critical thinking and analytical powers will grow more rapidly if you’re applying them to material that fascinates you. As for the future: every prospective employer and graduate program wants excellent thinkers.

What Can You Take With You to the Job Marketplace?

Before you begin chasing your intellectual bliss, a word must be said about the world beyond college. While it might be nice to think that good grades from a good school automatically equal a good job, not all degrees are created equal. This doesn’t mean that some fields of study are worse than others, just that it’s easier for students to find their place in the post-baccalaureate world if they are pre-med or economics majors as opposed to drama or English majors. Does this mean that if you love English or want to be an actor that you should still major in Econ? No. But a discussion of how to pick a major should bring up the practical side as well. You will absolutely get more out of your academic experience if you’re studying something you love.

However, if you’re hyper-concerned about your career beyond college, you might want to do some exploration of the applicability of various degrees before you hand in your major selection form. Visit the career services office; contact alums who have jobs you’d like to get and see what they studied, and spend some time thinking about what you really want. Choosing a major isn’t the most important decision you’ll make in life, but it could be the most important one you’ll make in college, since it will determine your course of study once you’ve made your choice.

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Writing Courses

You love to write, but don’t always have the time to do it with the amount of dedication you would like. You want feedback on your work but don’t have other writers to talk to. If you are interested in honing your writing skills but job obligations or other time considerations get in the way, online writing courses may be the answer.

No matter what kind of writing you are interested in, there is an online course for you. Online writing courses are offered in a wide range of disciplines. Are you interested in writing more professional business materials? Try a business writing course. Is there a budding Shakespeare within? A playwriting course may be just the thing. Love to tell stories to your children? How about a children’s book writing class? Whether you are interested in writing as a fun pastime, a complement to a current career, or a brand new career, writing courses can be the perfect way to shape your abilities and make you the best writer you can be.

The craft of writing lends itself perfectly to study online. Develop your material on your own time and your own pace, without worrying about having to travel a long distance or miss a class session. If you’re shy about sharing your work, no problem, since you won’t have face to face interaction to worry about. With online writing courses, you make the rules. Look into taking online writing courses today and get that writing hobby or career back on track!

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Creating a Military to Civilian Resume

You’re out of the military and looking for civilian employment. You may be worried that potential employers will see you only as a soldier (or sailor, or pilot, etc.) and not someone who can take on civilian working tasks. To convince them that you not only have a place in the civilian work force, but can be more of an asset than others applying to similar positions, you will have to make your military experience fit into a civilian resume.

The main problem you will encounter in this regard is that the military has a different culture and language than the civilian world. What this means for you is that you must change your skill descriptions and responsibilities so that they have civilian names instead of military ones. If there is not an exact civilian skill, responsibility or job that matches the ones you had in the military, there should at least be something comparable. You can find books that will tell you how to translate military duties and positions to civilian ones. Use these to build your resume.

If you have any civilian experience, such as a job you may have held before entering the service, be sure to include this on your resume, even if it has been some time since you had this position. It is important for you to show prospective employers that you are able to function effectively in the civilian world. If you have not had such a job, don’t worry. Take the military jobs and skills that you have newly translated into civilian speak and present them sequentially in the reverse order of when you learned them or began performing them. This will give your military resume the appearance of a civilian one.

Be sure to consider extracurricular activities. If you have participated in any volunteer organizations or clubs outside of the military that required you exercise certain abilities or taught you certain skills, include those too. Remember, your main goal is to get an employer out of the mindset that you can do little more than march and fire a weapon and into the mindset that you are a brave, resourceful, skilled individual who can be a major asset to any civilian company.

Be sure to highlight skills that have a direct relationship to the job for which you are applying. If these are retitled military skills, they can help emphasize the fact that your military skills have direct civilian applications that can be useful to this employer.

Finally, remember that the resume is only a part of the job application process. If you are able to generate a resume that indicates you are reasonably competent to take part in the civilian work force, you will be invited to participate in an interview. This will require a different set of skills than building a resume requires, but it will give you the opportunity to further emphasize the applications your military background has to civilian employment. If you can do that, the perfect job could be right within your grasp.

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