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Tools To Help You Prepare For The LSAT

scales Tools To Help You Prepare For The LSATIf you want to master the LSAT you must prepare yourself for a long and arduous journey of studying and timed testing.

The LSAT is a test you can beat by practicing.

The test is not knowledge-based so you don't have to remember mathematical equations or past presidents. The LSAT gives you information then asks you questions about that information. The LSAT is a test of your critical thinking skills.

Here are a few options that will help you get the score you want.

LSAT Books
LSAT preparation books are a great and inexpensive way to study for the exam. There are many books out there for you to choose from so do a little research.

Go to your local library or book store and look through each book. Check to see if they break down each section of the LSAT. Do they have a "method" for the test or go into detail about the different types of questions on the exam and how to spot them?

Another feature to look for is sample tests. Does the book have more than one sample test? Some companies make up their own LSAT questions that simulate what real LSAT questions would be. Other companies will actually give you a copy of a real LSAT that was previously administered.

Puzzle Books
This isn't exactly needed for LSAT preparation. Puzzle books are a great way to get you into the critical thinking mindset. It's also fun. Give it a try for a little break from your studies. It's always good to give your brain a workout.

LSAT Tests
LSAT tests are probably the best preparation for the real thing because it is the real thing.

Check out the Law School Admission Council web site. The LSAC is the organization that makes the LSAT. Head to their online shop and you will see all the past LSAT tests available for purchase. The tests are less than ten dollars each so grab as many as you can afford.

For practice, take the tests as if it were test day. Go to a quiet place where you won't be bothered such as a library. Take a stop watch and time yourself for each section. This will help you get comfortable with the test questions, format and timing. When finished, score your test to see what areas need improving.

Test Prep Courses
Enrolling yourself into an LSAT prep course or a review is another way to go. If you have trouble self-disciplining yourself, then a prep course might be for you. You will have to attend classes where you are taught by an instructor. You will learn in a classroom setting with other students and be assigned homework for further practice.

There are many LSAT prep courses. Research the different companies and their format and materials before enrolling. These classes can be pricey so be sure to make the most of them. Attend all the classes and do the homework.

Online Courses
Online courses are the mid-ground between self-study and a classroom prep course. Many companies who offer classroom courses also offer online courses. In this format, you can study on your time schedule but still adhere to a set program. Online classes are generally cheaper than an instructor-based course.

You will also find that there are free online tutorials on the Web. There are organizations out there who believe all students should have access to high quality preparation courses. So if cost is holding you back from adequately preparing for the test, a little research will help you find ways to get the preparation you need on a tight budget.

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