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Bedroom or Dorm Room: Choosing Between Living At Home Or On Campus

DormRoom Bedroom or Dorm Room: Choosing Between Living At Home Or On CampusThere are so many decisions you have to make when choosing a college: large or small campus, state school or private institution, and so on. Also, you have to make sure that a college has everything that is important to your personal and academic life. Does the college offer all of the right courses for your major? If you play a sport, you need to know if the college has a good team for that sport. Furthermore, you need to know what campus life is like. Before you make a final decision on a school, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want out of campus life.

Many students decide to live on campus during their college years. Others decide, instead, to live at home. There are pros and cons, of course, to both choices. This is of course, a very big decision. Hopefully, the guide below will help you make the right one for you!

Pros to Living on Campus:

– You can easily access libraries and study areas.
– Getting from your dorm room to your class room is generally a pretty quick trip. This is very helpful if you have to pull an all-nighter to finish a paper or project and have a class the next morning.
– You can immerse yourself in campus life, make great friends, and attend fun events

Cons to Living on Campus:

– You have less control over your environment if you live in a dorm . For example, if the guy next door keeps the hours of a vampire and loves to listen to incredibly loud music, you may have a problem.
– The cost of living in campus may be prohibitive.
– You probably won't have access to a kitchen and will probably have to buy a campus meal plan or live on microwave dinners.

Pros to Living at Home:

– You will be able to save money on room and board by living at home during college.
– Unless you have dozens of rowdy brothers and sisters, you are sure to have a quieter environment at home. This is more conducive to quality study time.
– Having access to a kitchen and your own food is quite a luxury in college.

Cons to Living at Home:

– You may feel detached from campus life.
– If your campus is far away, the commute may become a problem, especially with gas prices as they are.
– Unless you live very close by, getting to an early class or staying late to study in the library may be tough.

When deciding whether to live on campus or at home, you must consider what is most important to you. If you really want to be involved on campus, you may want to consider living there. If quiet study hours are the most important, perhaps living at home is best for you. Think about your own needs and you will be sure to make the right decision.

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So hungry I could eat a … oh … never mind

Top 10 Schools With Yucky Food

College has never been synonymous with fine dining. The image of the "starving student" isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but a freshman cannot live on Ramen noodles alone.

True, your college town might have some of the finest restaurants in the world. But if you're the typical college student, wining and dining out on the town isn't always financially feasible. That's when it's time to fall back on "old reliable," the college meal plan. Unfortunately, at some schools, you might be better off sticking to Ramen. Here are 10 of the schools ranked by their students as having the absolute worst food there is in higher education.

10. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Sounds like an appetizing place, doesn't it? True, this school may be known the world over for its excellent education, especially when it comes to science and engineering. Unfortunately, the cooks at this Socorro, N.M., campus have yet learned to engineer a delicious meal.

9. Fordham University
You would think that having "ham" in the name of this school might give it a leg up in the kitchen department. You would think that being smack dab in the middle of New York City, some of the city's world-renowned cuisine might somehow rub off at the campus dining halls. You'd be wrong.

8. Seton Hall University
A little jaunt across the river to this New Jersey school, and the dining options seem to get a little worse. Sure, there are some great undergraduate programs, some of the best in the nation, and the school is well known for athletics. Students just might want to find somewhere else to get the food before tail-gating.

7. Carnegie Mellon University
Ah, Pittsburgh. Home of America's steel industry and Carnegie Mellon, one of the best schools in the country for its computer science and drama programs. Just not for its soup and sandwich program.

6. Catawba College
Catawba College is nestled in Salisbury, N.C., a town that might remind you of steak. It's also the hometown of the Food Lion grocery store chain. That's probably where you should be shopping for food if you're a student here, because you're not going to be happy with what the dining hall has to offer.

5. State University of New York — Albany
A well-respected research university located in New York's scenic capital city. Enjoy the scenery, because the campus food leaves a lot to be desired.

4. Hampton University
Again with the "ham." Hampton University started out as an agricultural school in Southeastern Virginia. If you're hungry, you might want to check out the local farmer's market instead.

3. United States Merchant Marine Academy
You've heard about how good food in the military is right? As one of the nation's five service academies, this Kings Point, N.Y., school produces some of the world's best merchant marine officers, eager to serve their country. And eager to be served at a nice restaurant after enduring years of school food.

2. Colorado School of Mines
While this school in Golden, Co., has grown far beyond its original charter as a mining school to become a world-class engineering and applied sciences university, the campus food still tastes like it came from a shaft deep within the Earth.

1. St. Bonaventure University
In case there was any doubt, St. Bonaventure University in Western New York puts to rest any fears that this state might be losing its dominance in the "Worst College Food" category. Founded by a Franciscan Catholic order, the university runs the local soup kitchen. Students might want to head there first before taking their chances with the dining hall.

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