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Tips On Your Resume

One of the greatest challenges to your scholastic career (outside of attending graduate school) is getting accepted to the school in the first place! Along with many others, one important requirement for acceptance is turning in a winning resume.

Most graduate schools require a person to have operated in the workforce for at least five years. The reason being is that most Master of Business Administration degrees provide students with information that can be immediately implemented. If the student chooses not to work, or it is a requirement of the degree program for them not to, administrators want the student to at least have some sort of practical experience that can be utilized. This is where an effective, professional resume comes in handy.

The foremost aspect of any resume is visual appearance and imformation layout. As a graduate student, there are many options to choose to create a good resume: from writers, to resume software. Either way, it is important that the resume is relevant to what you are attempting to accomplish.

For example, if your degree is in marketing, you will want to write about your accomplishments and experiences in that area. Be sure to focus on what was accomplished and learned, rather than dates and titles. Also, employment dates do not necessarily have to start where the previous one left off. Next, be sure to separate your name, address and contact information from the rest of the resume so that the person reading it can easily find the information.

Now comes the actual layout. A very simple yet effective means of organizing employment information is to first list your employment experiences, beginning with the most recent, followed by education, and finally, your accomplishments. You may want to contact your school to find out length requirements or suggestions. Typically, resumes are only one page in length, but school administrators may want more detailed information.

To go the extra mile, include a cover page with the resume. Since many people omit this step, you will be doing yourself a favor by taking the time to develop one. The cover letter itself is sort of a mini-mission statement. You are telling the reader what you are attempting to accomplish by submitting your resume. For graduate school applications, tell the reader who you are and why you are interested in higher education with the school. Talking about your past accomplishments, future goals, and then adding an explanation as to how the school can help you achieve those goals should make up most of the body. The letter itself does not need to be much more than three-quarters of a page, at the most.

Lastly, be sure to have someone proofread the resume, just to be sure that everything looks centered and there are no misspellings or grammatical errors. The last thing that you want to have happen is a school administrator pointing out a mistake on something so crucial.

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