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Temp Your Way to Success

Starting with a temp position can lead to a full time job.

Don’t be fooled; the job market cam be very tough. New graduates often have a hard time getting a good full time job. Even grads with great credentials, experience, and professionalism might have troubles. But there are a number of ways in which job seekers can get into the field that they want even when the market is tough.

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to begin working as a temp. Although you will have to bounce from job to job, temping often pays quite well and will give you the option to see the internal workings of many different companies. Using the guide below, you should be able to use working as a temp to land a full time job that you love.

STEP 1- Find a good temping agency.

Much like recruiters, many temping agencies specialize in one particular industry. Therefore, be sure to find a temping agency that can land you a job in your career industry of choice. Do a little research into the temping areas of your industry to find which ones are the best.

STEP 2- Put your best foot forward.

Get in touch with the temping agency and schedule a meeting. When you go to see them, be clear about your professional intentions. Make sure that the temping agency knows exactly what kind of company you would like to work at.

STEP 3- Get a temp job.

Once you have found a good temping agency, get to work. Hopefully you will be able to find a few positions that you like that last more than just a few days. In fact, some companies have temping agencies find them employees for periods as long as six months.

STEP 4- Get a full- time job.

After you have been temping for a while, you will probably have worked for a few companies that you really liked. Be sure to stay in touch with your supervisors at those companies. Also, keep a close watch on these companies so that you will know when they are hiring for full time employees. Having already worked at the company will likely help you in terms of landing the job that you want. In fact, you may be hired during the time that you are working as a temp.

The best part of temping your way to a full time job is that you will already know a great deal about a company before you take on a new position. You will already have an understanding of the way the office works and what the work is like. In this way, temping is like interning but better. After all, most interns don’t get paid for their work.

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Finding the Right Online University

First, Find The Right Online Degree
Before you begin to settle on a decision about which online university will provide the most bang for your buck, you should first do some shopping online to determine which degree is the one you most want to pursue. There is a wide range of online education opportunities for you to take into consideration. To distinguish themselves from each other, online universities offer many different types of degrees. Even within one field, you will find many different online degree experiences. A Bachelor’s of business at online university A will differ from the one you can pursue at online university B, etc. You will probably find that each online university you shop around in offers several versions, however nuanced, of the same degree. This is all good news for prospective students like yourself; it’s good to have options. However, in a bang-per-buck discussion, first you should decide what you want out of your online degree. Then, when you know what online degree it is that you’re after, do some comparison shopping among the online universities that offer the degree of your dreams.

Do Your Comparison Shopping
While this is a bang-per-buck discussion, don’t just make your decision based on what your online degree will cost. You should also think about what your online degree will offer you. You’ve already done quite a bit of this type of thinking by putting the time in to determine what type of online degree program you’re truly interested in. Don’t shortchange yourself at this point by just going with the online university that gives you the lowest quote on price. In addition to your consideration of the cost of your online university, you should factor in the intangibles each of the online universities you’re comparing will offer you. What are the success stories of graduates of the various online universities you’re comparing? Are there graduates you can call or email to quiz them about their experiences in the online degree program you’re considering? Which of the online universities has the strongest alumni network? Which of the online universities you’re researching have the best records of placing their students into high-profile careers after they graduate? Again, to get the best bang for your buck, take into every aspect of what the various online universities you’re considering offer, not just price.

Avoid Online Degree Mills
Finally, a word must be said about so-called online degree mills. Avoid these at all costs. Make sure the online university you sign on with is fully accredited, meaning that the degree you earn from it will be acknowledged and respected.

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