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College vs High School: The Truth Uncovered

One thing a prospective freshman will hear over and over before going off to college is "It's nothing like high school." Students never really understand this comment until they are actually on campus.

College is all about becoming an adult and living your life to the best of your ability. Gone are the "popular kids," and the "cool table" in the cafeteria. You don't have that freshman hazing scene in college. In high school the frosh are the low kids on the totem pole. In college there are so many orientations, mixers and meet-and-greets that it's easy to build new friendships before the school year even starts.

Upper-classmen enjoy the fresh faces and new personalities of the freshman crowd. The biggest shocker of all is usually the amount of personal freedom involved in the learning process. In high school Mr. Smith, the English teacher, will hand out a sheet of notes and give a lecture that you are expected to spit back out word for word on the test. In college, Professor Smith will give her lecture an may very well ask for your opinion. There wont be any phone calls if you miss class three days this week and you'll still be expected to take the test and pass it. There is no one to hold your hand or walk you through your classes. You are there because you want to be and what you get out of it is up to you. Because you pay for the privilege of going to college its up to you to get your money's worth.

The personal freedom shocker stretches into your social calendar as well. Not only are there a plethora of dances, clubs, organizations, meetings groups and events to choose from nightly but your also faced with your classes and academic responsibilities. Its sometimes hard to know when to put a damper on the nightlife and get back to the books.

In high school, most of the people you attend class with are lifelong residents of the town. People you grew up with. People who have the same beliefs and background that you do. Chances are you go to church with these same people and your parents went to church with their parents. In college it is very likely that you will meet someone from across the state, across the country or across the world. You will hear and see vastly different ideas and cultural stand points than your own. Its a wonderful learning experience and part of what makes your college experience uniquely your own.

The differences in high school and college can be scary, but rest assured it will take no time at all to feel adjusted and comfortable in your new environment. These are the days that will create memories that last a lifetime.

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Roommates: Nightmare or Dream Come True?

college roommate confrontation Roommates: Nightmare or Dream Come True?Entering college is a time full of 'firsts" for new students. It can be a tough time for everyone and especially tough when getting used to a roommate situation.

Even if you have roomed with siblings, a college roommate is a whole new situation. Although it is possible to totally love your roommate and get along famously 24/7, it is far more likely that some kind of problem will crop up. There are a few hints and tips that students can keep in mind that will help in avoiding a roommate nightmare.

Its important to realize that your roommate doesn't have to be your best friend. You don't have to socialize or hang out. The only thing that is required is a measurable amount of respect. Being with someone constantly can wear on even the closest of friendships and cause strain in the relationship. Give each other enough personal space to refrain from getting on each others nerves.

Set your guidelines right away. Discuss immediately who will take out the trash on what days. Decide how late you will be entertaining each night and when it's "lights out." If you both know your responsibilities it is easier to see who is at fault if a disagreement arises. Knowing what you can and should expect from each other will make living together much easier.

Keep the lines of communication open and be honest. If you cant live another day watching your roommates girlfriend shave her legs in the sink, say so. If you've found moldy dishes in your desk drawer everyday this week it's time to speak up. Don't just complain to your best friend, actually speak up and let your roommate know. If you speak up when things start to bother you if keeps the situation from escalating and causing a pent up explosion later.

Give your roommate the same type of respect you would like to receive. Most problems arise from borrowing each others possessions without permission, eating each others food, having to deal with each others boyfriend/girlfriend and other guests. It's best to set the rules down for these situations early and stick to them. Keep your rights in mind and set rules accordingly. Everyone has the right to sleep and engage in leisure activities in their room, study without interference, keep your personal effects private, have a clean, safe room, entertain guests within the rights of your roommate and the speak up when your rights are infringed upon.

Most roommate squabbles are easily solved with simple communication between the two of you. But occasionally a serious problem arises and it is then you should seek the help of a campus mediator or advisor.

If you remain respectful and realize not everyday is wine and roses you'll find the benefits of a college roommate far outweigh the disadvantages. Enjoy this time in your life.

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