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Be Ready For A Great Interview!

The Academic Job Interview Be Ready For A Great Interview!The worst interview pitfall you can fall into is rambling on with no clear focus. This will usually happen if an interviewer throws a difficult question at you, such as, “What’s your greatest weakness?” For fear of not revealing too much, candidates might lose focus and even become incoherent. The best weapon against this is to plan ahead of time.

Be aware that questions like “What’s your greatest weakness” are going to be asked. Other questions, like “What makes you special” will also be asked. If you don’t have a quick and concise answer to this more positive-edged question, it can look as bad as a rambling answer about your weaknesses.

Articulation is key to a good interview. You must answer questions in clear, complete sentences, while making firm eye contact. You want to keep your interviewer’s focus so don’t talk for too long. At the same time, you don’t want your answers to be clipped and uninformative. For this reason, it’s a good idea to write out answers to common questions beforehand. Next, recite these answers out loud and cut out any superfluous information.

All the preparation in the world will not matter if you are not relaxed. You could have practiced your answers for hours as if practicing for a play but this will not matter if you fold under pressure. Before your interview, take some deep breaths. Be sure to eat well beforehand and have some water on hand during the interview, if it is offered.

Most of all, believe in yourself. Even if you don’t have a long work history, you have something to offer a company that no one else does. Determine what this is and let it be known. Everyone has something to offer—so long as you believe in yourself, you will be much less prone to being flustered during an interview.

Candidates with a less-than-full work history might be inspired to embellish a little bit. Interviewers can see through this. At worst, this can appear like a candidate is lying, so this is something to stay away from. There are ways to spin your work history—even if it is just college courses—without being dishonest about what you’ve done. Many interviewers prize forthrightness and honesty. These can be a real asset even if your resume is a little slim.

However, it is also important to read the tendencies of your interviewer. Some interviewers may respond very well to a certain kind of embellishment. Supposing, for instance, that you were applying for a sales position. If you sell yourself in a certain way, this can be a good reflection on your capabilities as a salesman. In other interviews, this tactic might not be nearly as effective.

Be ready for anything: some interviewers may ask obscure questions to see how a candidate thinks on his or her feet. The question might have no right answer, they are only designed to see how fast the candidate reacts and if he or she gives a unique answer. If you’re not prepared for left-field questions, you might be thrown for a loop. You might not be able to prepare answers for such a question, but you can at least be aware that they might come up.

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Do Employers Mind If My Degree Is From An Online University?

Maybe you're considering getting a degree from an online university. Maybe you've just earned one and in preparing to apply for new jobs that will make the most of it, you're wondering whether or not prospective employers will see your resume and have bad associations with your online degree. In a word, the answer is no.

Employers who require employees to have a college degree care that you have one from somewhere. Traditionally, there are about 20 colleges in the United States (the Ivies and a handful of other prominent schools) that make employers sit up and take notice about where your degree came from. If you did not attend one of these places, you are like most people, who find that the name of their school is less important to their employers than how they performed academically, and what they studied.

In fact, your online degree may set you apart in a positive way from the rest of the pack of applicants. Successfully obtaining your degree online tells prospective employers that you are a person who will get the job done even when no one is looking. Online degrees testify that their recipients are self-motivated individuals who are capable of managing multiple priorities. And whatever job you're applying for, rest assured that those are two qualities all organizations prize.

Furthermore, online universities are becoming more and more popular. While your online degree can set you apart in the aforementioned ways, you should have no fear that it will stigmatize you. Each day, it becomes more and more likely that the person you sit down to interview with may have attended the same online school that you did!

Another benefit of the online university experience in the eyes of employers is that it is designed in large part for working professionals. The fact that you've made it through an online degree program tells your prospective employer that you have had intense exposure to the types of collegial interactions you will face in the working world. Online universities emphasize and develop the ability to work with others, to manage and meet deadlines, and to be responsible for learning on your own. When you consider all of the things a degree from an online university says about you, you should realize that you're more of a proven commodity, a "safer" hire than recent graduates from brick and mortar universities.

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How To Deal With An Intimidating Boss

First, Deal With Yourself
Is your boss really an intimidating presence in your life at work, or are you experiencing some professional insecurities of your own? If you are not as confident as you would like to be in your job and how you perform it, you might experience your boss as intimidating because of his or her position – it’s his or her job to evaluate you and make demands upon you. If you feel intimidated and are unsure of your abilities, your boss might not be as intimidating as you think – it might just be that you don’t feel up to the challenge.

Deal Professionally With Your Intimidating Boss
Maybe your insecurities make your boss more of an intimidating figure than her or she seeks to make herself, or maybe – it’s been known to happen – maybe you have a boss who does rule by fear. What can you do to make the situation more pleasant? First, remember that while you might not be equals on the food chain in your office, you are both professionals. If you conduct yourself with professional aplomb, you will find even a truly intimidating boss much less intimidating as time goes by.

Manage Your Boss’s Expectations — Then Exceed Them
But what is professional aplomb? Make sure you’ve covered all the prerequisites of your job, for starters. Whatever your basic responsibilities are, perform them as perfectly as you can. If you fear harsh judgment from your intimidating boss, sit down with him or her at the onset of each assignment and have your boss explain his or her expectations to you. Your boss will appreciate this — what boss, intimidating or not, does not appreciate an employee’s willingness to make sure the job gets done correctly? Furthermore, if your boss down the road has a change of heart about what his or her expectations were for the project, you can gently remind him or her about your discussion before you even got to work. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to document your conversation, not in a confrontational way, but in a way that keeps the lines of communication open. When you and your boss have had a chance to sit down and go over what exactly it is you’re supposed to be doing, take notes. When the meeting is over, shoot your boss a quick e-mail thanking him or her for their time, and asking them to confirm that what you took away from the meeting is in line with what he or she has in mind.

When All Else Fails, Ask For More Work
Generally, when a boss intimidates, you feel that that person is not on your side. If you can’t get your intimidating boss to be less intimidating by managing his or her expectations in the basic duties of your job, you can try to show him or her that you’re a valuable person to have around when you make it clear you’ll go above and beyond your basic job description.

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Advantages of Getting Your Certificate Online

If you’ve been searching for new career options, you may have heard mention of certificates. What are certificates, and how can they help you get the job you’ve been searching for? A certificate is a credential that shows your expertise in a given field. If you have a field of interest but have not had the time or inclination to earn a degree in that field, a certificate is often the way to go. You can earn a certificate in almost any field you can imagine; if there are careers available in a given field, it is likely that there is a certificate available in that field too. You can earn certificates for anything from medical billing to aviation to animal care to bookkeeping and many more. A certificate indicates to potential employers that you have the training and desire to do the job they need, and is a great way to pump up that resume.

Once you have decided to pursue a certificate, you need to decide how. Finding a program to earn your certificate online is a great way to proceed. Why get your certificate online? There are a number of great advantages to pursuing an online certificate.

If you are pursuing a certificate in a computer related field, such as information technologies or computer programming, online training is a perfect fit. Many of these courses are designed to be used with a home computer, so doing your work online will require little adjustment. In addition, your online certification course is likely to make use of everything that technology has to offer, including streaming video, e-mail, and web browsing.

Online certification programs are also the height of convenience. There is no worry about racing to get to a class; no fear of being marked late or absent. You’re always able to get to class because class takes place in your own home, and you’re always on time because the work starts when you want it to. When you earn your certificate online, you work at your own pace, and move forward when you’re ready, not when anyone else tells you to.

When you get your certificate from an accredited online institution, you have a credential to show employers that is just as valid as one you might earn from attending a brick and mortar institution. You’ll have gained training and knowledge in your field that will give you the confidence to go out and get any job you want. Get online today and find the accredited online certification program in the field of your choice. Before you know it, you’ll be qualified and ready to bring home that dream career.

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