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Top 10 Resume Don'’ts

When searching for the things that set you apart from others in your field, it is important to remember that your skills, talents, and experience make you one of a kind. As many human resources managers can attest, people often share similar educational background and qualifications, but each individual is very different. Your personality, motivations, and talents what will set you apart from similar job applicants and provide you with a career edge. The key is to discover the things that make you unique and then build on these strengths.

How can you learn more about your own unique strengths? The following are some helpful methods that can reveal your special talents, interests, and motivations. Try out several different methods in order to find out more about yourself.

1. Think about some of your past experiences. Have there been any significant events that helped shape you into who you are now? How did you deal with these experiences? The way you cope with different life events can reveal a great deal about your unique strengths. Write down how you reacted to each experience and then list the skills and abilities that you relied on. These methods of dealing with each experience are talents that form an important part of your personality and self-image.

2. Think about your past accomplishments. How did you achieve these things? Write down the steps you took to pull off each accomplishment. Your ability to set goals, your motivation to accomplish these goals, and your continued resolve to complete future goals are an important component of your unique self. Also consider why these goals were so important to you.

3. Challenge yourself to try new things. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a pattern where we only try the things we are comfortable with. Testing yourself to try new things can reveal a great deal about your unique strengths and abilities. Even if you completely successful, you will learn a great deal about how you deal with the unknown and how you respond to a challenge.

4. Take a career assessment to learn more about your unique abilities. Career assessments are a great way to get to the heart of your unique strengths, interests, and experiences. A career assessment involves taking stock of your career satisfaction, your individual passions, and your personality. A career assessment often involves taking personality and aptitude tests or filling out an interest inventory. These career-planning tools can provide excellent feedback on your unique talents and strengths.

5. Allow others to see your unique talents. Take advantage of opportunities to shine in your career. If you have a knack for public speaking, volunteer to give a presentation to clients. Any chance you have to use your unique abilities is a chance for others to notice and give credit to your strengths. Building on your one of a kind talent, interests, and experiences is the surest path to career success.

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