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With the tremendous growth of the Internet, it’s possible to learn, find, buy, and look at anything and everything in the world, for a very low cost. Those who are more curious and enthusiastic about learning could seek out a free online education from top universities around the world. The catch? Your eagerness and time.

There are many top universities that offer and publish free online courses. These sort of courses are open and available to the world. With most free online courses, there is no registration or enrollment process because the courses are generally not credit-bearing or degree-granting. Although you may not receive a certification, free online courses are a perfect way to glean course materials that support the dynamic classroom interactions of many top universities. Listed below are some universities and their websites that provide the opportunity to advance your knowledge in a certain field:

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2.Open University

3.Carnegie Mellon University

4.Stanford University

5.Tufts University

6.University of California, Berkeley

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