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Booming Industry: Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering requires a strong interest in aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers create new designs, update and modify older designs of airplanes and shuttles. This makes air travel, military defense and space exploration maintain their competitive status within the global arena.

Aerospace engineering is a diverse and very complicated profession that requires a great deal of interest in science and mathematics. Coursework includes electro technology or the electronics of engineering, intensive mathematics, aerodynamics, which is the study of the way air flows over physical bodies or through wind tunnels. Strong computer skills are a requirement in aerospace engineering as airplanes and space shuttles are heavily reliant on on-board computers. The study of avionics may include design and programming styles for onboard navigation.

Unlike most careers, aerospace engineering will almost undoubtedly require advanced degrees ranging from a master’s to a Doctor of Philosophy or PhD. A PhD requires extensive study and academic experience in the field of study for which it is granted. The coursework is much more comprehensive, requiring additional study to build on the undergraduate degree and graduate degrees. Once an examination is complete to verify that all coursework in the PhD program has been applied, the student must then write a dissertation. This several chapters worth of work analyzes a specific topic and allows the student to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of the area they are studying.

Anyone who has an extensive interest in math and science and extremely strong capabilities to work in this environment would benefit from at the very least beginning a degree plan in aerospace engineering. If after completing an undergraduate level degree you see a strong level of success, investigate further education resources to pursue graduate degrees for job progress.

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