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Strut Your Stuff! Make Yourself A Great Scholarship Candidate!

scholarships Strut Your Stuff! Make Yourself A Great Scholarship Candidate!Going to college with scholarships can greatly ease the burden on yourself and your parents. Scholarships are free money to pay for your education, books and room and board. There are scholarships everywhere and for almost anything, and the winner of the scholarship will be the candidate that best presents themselves in their application. Take these ideas under consideration when considering how to make yourself a great candidate!

Academics are the deciding factor on many scholarship awards. Most will have a grade point average (GPA) requirement. Demonstrating your ability to handle your course load and maintain a strong GPA will speak volumes about your aptitude and possibilities for success. When scholarships are awarded based on academics you have to demonstrate your desire to succeed in higher education. This starts with studying hard and doing well in your high school classes. This does not always require a 4.0 or perfect grade point average. SAT/ACT test scores can also give an indication about the possibilities for your success. Dedicate yourself to study time, focused classroom presence and maintaining a healthy balance to do your best and increase academic scholarship eligibility.

Going beyond academics, extra-curricular activities are also important to your profile as a scholarship candidate. Being a member of the drama team, debate team, band, national honor society, foreign language club or Explorer club will demonstrate that you are committed not only to your academic career. It will show that you are a well-rounded individual, and that you can handle academic studies along with social activities that will benefit y our community.

Speaking of benefiting the community, scholarship awards seem to find their ways into the hands of those with a strong sense of community service. Knowing that there is much more beyond yourself and understanding that there are people in need around you is important. Recognizing that need and feeling compelled to volunteer your time and energy to those less fortunate sends a message to scholarship committees that they are spending their money wisely on individuals who care not only about making a difference and succeeding academically, but helping others do so as well. After all, isn't that what scholarships are about?

Being a strong candidate does not depend on the type of scholarship you are applying for, it depends on the type of person applying for the scholarship. Present yourself in the best possible way by showing off your academic success, along with your desire to learn and be a vital part of your community.

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Free Money??!! Apply For A College Scholarship Now!!

Have you started applying for your scholarship yet? No? WHY NOT!?! This is free money for your education. Following these quick and easy steps will help make this process painless.

First, Eliminate the Scholarships That Don’t Apply To You
There are many scholarships available for people who want to attend college. The most practical approach to winning the money you need or want to go to school is to do some research and figure out the scholarships for which you’re eligible. Because of the overwhelming amount of scholarships out there, you will save yourself a lot of time and potentially wasted effort if you identify at the outset of your process which scholarships just don’t apply to you.

Next, Make A List of the Scholarships That You Are Most Likely To Receive
Once you’ve eliminated the list of scholarships that have nothing to do with you, you’ll probably see that the amount of scholarships is still pretty large. Of course, this is basically good news, but if you are eligible for a very large number, the clock might run out on you before you have a chance to apply to them all. To mitigate this possibility, take your research skills in a different direction by learning about the scholarships you could apply to and prioritizing the ones that you most would like to receive, and/or have the best chance of receiving.

Look Around — Are There Experts Available To You Who Can Help You In Your Quest?
The above tasks may sound daunting. Before you get too overwhelmed, ask yourself if there is someone who could help you make sense of all of the scholarships. If you are still in high school, before you do anything, you should make an appointment with your guidance counselor and let him or her help you figure out which scholarships might be the best for you, as well as which ones you are the likeliest to be awarded. If you’ve been out of high school for a while and are looking to get that college degree, chances are there’s someone in your current circle of friends, maybe someone who’s already been to college and been through this, who can help you cut through all the paperwork to get to the scholarships that are best for you.

Don’t Forget The Internet When It Comes To Tracking Down Scholarships
There are a number of Web resources at your disposal to aid you in your search for money for college. For example, Fastweb.com is a very popular site devoted to helping people match them up with scholarships for which they’re eligible. A great feature of a site like Fastweb.com is that once you enter your profile information on the site, it will e-mail you with news about upcoming scholarship deadlines.

And of course, regardless of how you find out about your scholarships, as soon as you determine which ones you’ll go after, the most important thing is to request the application materials and complete them as soon as possible.

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Are YOU Applying For Student Loans? Read This!

As the costs of higher education continue to rise, increasing numbers of students and parents are relying on loans to help pay for college. In order to successfully manage this debt, it is important to understand the loan process, including how student loans work, the types of loans available, and applying for loans. If you need additional money beyond savings, grants, and scholarships, consider accepting a student loan to pay the expenses associated with your education.

How do student loans work?

Loans allow students to borrow money to help pay for the costs associated with higher education. Payment of such loans can typically be deferred until the student has graduated from school. The U.S. Department of Education administers loans funded through the federal government. Federal loans are made available either by providing money directly to colleges and universities or by connecting students with private loans.

Types of Loans

1. Federal Stafford Loans: Federal Stafford Loans are available to both undergraduate and graduate students and must be repaid. First-year undergraduate students are eligible for up to a $2,625 loan. Second-year students can borrow up to $3,500 and up to $5,500 each following year. The total amount borrowed by dependent students can exceed no more than $23,000.

Graduate students can borrow more through Federal Stafford Loans, but the government can subsidize only $8,500 of this debt. Eligible graduate students can borrow up to $18,500 each year, but can borrow no more than a total of $138,500 during both undergraduate and graduate study.

The interest rate on Federal Stafford Loans varies, but will not exceed 8.25-percent. For qualifying students, the government will pay the interest while the student is in school. These subsidized loans are offered based on financial need and can save a considerable amount of money in interest. Students who do not qualify for subsidized loans will be expected to pay back the full amount of their loans plus accrued interest.

2. Federal PLUS Loans: Federal PLUS loans are loans made to the parents of students. To be eligible for a Federal PLUS Loan, students must be enrolled at least part-time at a participating college or university. Federal PLUS loans are very similar to Stafford loans, except they are made directly to the parent instead of the student. Parents may borrow up to the full amount of the student’s total tuition. Unlike Stafford loans, parents must begin to repay PLUS loans immediately.

3. Perkins Loans: Federal Perkins Loans are funded by the government and made available through individual colleges and universities. These loans are available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled full-time and meet all the requirements established by the individual college or university. Consult a financial aid or admissions counselor at your university of choice to learn more about the institution’s specific requirements. Perkins loans are offered at a low interest rate of 5-percent. Undergraduates can borrow a maximum amount of $4,000 per year, while graduate students can borrow up to $6,000 per year. Repayment of Federal Perkins Loans begins nine months after graduation and students have up to 10 years to repay the amount borrowed.

How do you apply for a loan?

Applying for loans through the United States government is accomplished by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Paper applications can be found at the counselor’s office of your local school, but you can also fill out an online application at the FAFSA website. Students will need to request a PIN number before filling out the application online. For maximum financial aid benefits, complete an application sometime between January and March for the next school year. Some financial aid programs require an early application in order to qualify.

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Booming Industry: Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering requires a strong interest in aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers create new designs, update and modify older designs of airplanes and shuttles. This makes air travel, military defense and space exploration maintain their competitive status within the global arena.

Aerospace engineering is a diverse and very complicated profession that requires a great deal of interest in science and mathematics. Coursework includes electro technology or the electronics of engineering, intensive mathematics, aerodynamics, which is the study of the way air flows over physical bodies or through wind tunnels. Strong computer skills are a requirement in aerospace engineering as airplanes and space shuttles are heavily reliant on on-board computers. The study of avionics may include design and programming styles for onboard navigation.

Unlike most careers, aerospace engineering will almost undoubtedly require advanced degrees ranging from a master’s to a Doctor of Philosophy or PhD. A PhD requires extensive study and academic experience in the field of study for which it is granted. The coursework is much more comprehensive, requiring additional study to build on the undergraduate degree and graduate degrees. Once an examination is complete to verify that all coursework in the PhD program has been applied, the student must then write a dissertation. This several chapters worth of work analyzes a specific topic and allows the student to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of the area they are studying.

Anyone who has an extensive interest in math and science and extremely strong capabilities to work in this environment would benefit from at the very least beginning a degree plan in aerospace engineering. If after completing an undergraduate level degree you see a strong level of success, investigate further education resources to pursue graduate degrees for job progress.

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Earn an online degree or explore a career in Software Development

Explore a Career in Software Development

Computers are ingrained in our culture, and most of our day-to-day activities depend on computer systems. As the field of computer science continues to grow and change, the need for software engineers who are skilled at designing, developing, testing, managing and maintaining software systems will be great.

Earn an Online Degree in Software Development

Hundreds of institutions nationwide offer degree programs in computer science and software development, and many of these programs can be completed online. Online education is ideal for the working professional wanting to acquire new skills in computer science, as well as students just starting their college careers. Online programs give you the complete freedom to study at your own pace so that you can easily fit higher education into your life. You don’t have to move or stop working to pursue a career in software development.

Institutions such as Champlain College, Colorado Technical University Online, University of Maryland University College and DePaul University among many others offer online degree programs in software development. These degrees can be earned at the bachelor’s and master’s degree level.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering

The goal of a bachelor’s degree program in computer software engineering is to teach students computer programming languages, computer network systems operations and software engineering skills. These programs also encourage the development of such skills as leadership and team management.

Online Master’s Degree in Software Engineering

Students pursuing a master’s degree in software engineering have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field. Through the master’s program, students can specialize in Software Management, Simulation and Game Design, and Secure Computing.

Careers in Software Engineering

Careers in software engineering are vast. Graduates of software engineering programs work for publishers, government agencies and computer and electronic manufacturers just to name a few. Jobs in software engineering tend to pay well. Many software engineers work on a contract basis, which allows them great job flexibility.

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What are the Most Popular Online Degrees

Although there are hundreds of different online degrees, it should be no surprise that a particular few remain consistently the most popular to pursue. Online research shows that although the percentage of people obtaining a certain degree fluctuates from semester to semester, the main trends of interest remain: Business, Healthcare, Criminal Justice and Computer Science.

Business Degrees

Business people are among the most competitive workers out there and are constantly trying to move up in their career; thus it should make sense that the pursuit of a Business Degree is among the top most sought after online degree there is. Along with business degrees, you can also find specializations and special courses for furthering your knowledge in business. Listed below are examples of online Business Degrees:

Associate Degrees in Business for Management and Accounting

Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Financial Planning certificates

Master’s Degrees in Business Administration or MBA


Healthcare should come as no surprise as ranking as one of the top most popular online degree to get. Healthcare is an ever changing, ever evolving discipline. Nurses and doctors need to be forever researching and being informed of new forms of healthcare and practice. On top of that, in order to keep their licenses and certifications, they need to constantly be updating their degrees and certification. Listed below are examples of online Healthcare Degrees:

Nursing Degrees

Sports & Fitness Degrees

Psychology Degrees

Healthcare Administration Degrees

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is also currently a very attractive field for online students. More and more people are deciding to pursue a degree that can lead to jobs in corrections, law enforcement and the court system. Listed below are examples of Criminal Justice Degrees:

Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice

PH.D’s in Criminal Justice

Masters in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Certificate Programs

Computer Science

Computer Science is a popular degree in online education today. With the growth of the internet digital media and careers will soon dominate traditional jobs. Also teens’ excitement about social media and mobile technologies causes this degree to become very valuable and popular.   Listed below are examples of Computer Science Degrees:

Associate of Arts in Information Technology/ Database Development

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Database Administration

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology- Information Systems Security

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology- Multimedia and Visual Communication

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