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Are You Searching For the Best Online Education?

diplomamouse Are You Searching For the Best Online Education?Are you searching for the best online education? If that is the case, congratulations! You can definitely find a great education online, but you must consider what exactly you are looking for in an education. Obviously you want the best online education for you, and that makes the word "best" a relative term. When considering your education, you need to be as selfish as your heart desires, and that's a good thing!

What do you want?

Are you looking for a degree, a career certificate or maybe you want to finish high school and then keep climbing the educational ladder! Gone are the days of humiliating social environments for the non-traditional student. Not every 50 year old wants to sit in night classes with 17 year old students working to achieve the same educational goal. Thankfully, the information age has rolled out the red carpet for an education via the Internet.

Get specific with your wants and needs while searching for your choice of the best online education. The more specific you are, the sooner you can get started and in turn, achieve your goals. You will have no problem finding several degree and career programs via some of the world's most reputable, respected and accredited online universities. And if you have always dreamed of completing your studies with a specific university, don't hesitate to call them and work a plan into development where you can receive your associates degree online and transfer your credits to their institution as you move toward your bachelor's degree.

The Bottom Line

Looking for YOUR best online education is a journey that is full of one opportunity after another. It would be great if we could pinpoint one program at one particular school and say, "This is the best online education!" Again, it's your education, and you need what is best for you, your family, your budget and those you hope to help through your pursuit of new knowledge!

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Determining the Real Cost of College

Determine the Real Cost of College
College costs are rising rapidly, and figuring out how to pay for those expenses can be tricky. It’s not too difficult to figure out how much tuition and fees will cost, but there are many other expenses that come along with getting a college education. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to determine the "real" cost of college.

Average Costs
According to "Trends in College Pricing" from the College Board, for the 2005-2006 school year, the average cost for a four-year private school was $31,916. For a four-year public school, the average cost was $15,566. And those costs are going up at an average rate of around 8 percent per year. The good news is that despite those increasing costs, nearly $130 billion in financial aid is available. You just have to know how to get it.

Is It Worth It?
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, individuals who earn a bachelor’s degree can earn 62 percent more on average than people with only a high school diploma. That adds up to more than $1 million over your lifetime.

What does that mean?

It means that the thousands of dollars you spend for your education today will yield millions in benefits over your lifetime career.

How Much Does College Really Cost?
Your total bill for a higher education will add up to a lot more than tuition and fees for four years. Here are some other things you’ll need to take into consideration:

–Inflation: The cost of college today is not the same as the cost of college tomorrow. According to the College Board, the price for a higher education increases by an average of 8 percent every year. Keep that in mind when you calculate your real cost for attending college.
–The Five-Year Plan: You’d like to finish your degree in four years, but it might not be possible for you. To earn a degree in four years, you’ll need to take on a full course load, which becomes more and more difficult as you advance into higher-level courses. Another alternative is attending during the summer, but that will increase your cost as well. Most likely, you should estimate your costs as if you’ll be attending for five years. If you end up graduating in four, consider it a bonus!
–Interest: If you are relying on borrowed money to get yourself through school, then you should consider the interest as a part of your college cost. How much will you pay in interest over the life of your loan? Figuring that number out can be a powerful impetus to start building your savings now.
–Books and Supplies: You’ll end up dropping a hefty chunk of change on school books and supplies to get your degree. Don’t forget to take these kinds of costs into consideration when calculating your real college costs.
–Room and Board: You’ll need somewhere to live and something to eat while you’re in school. Room and board costs can add up to a large percentage of your total cost for attending college.

Online Calculators
Plenty of calculators are available online to help you determine a realistic figure for attending college. These take into account many of the above considerations. Use them to help you plan for your own future.

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Interested in a Sports Science Degree?

What Can You Do with a Degree in Sports Sciences?

The field of sports sciences is vast. With a degree in sports sciences, you can go into exercise science, kinesiology, personal training, sports coaching, sports management, sports medicine, injury prevention and performance enhancement among others. This degree can lead to employment in clinics, educational institutions and even professional sports organizations.

How Do You Prepare for a Career in Sports Sciences?

To prepare for a sports sciences career, you first need to figure out the area in which you want to work. This will determine the type of education and training you will need. Degrees in sports sciences are offered at all different levels from certificates all the way up to doctorates. Many fields in the sports sciences require advanced degrees with specific concentrations and clinical practice. For example, to work in sports management, you would likely consider a bachelor’s degree in sports sciences with a concentration in business and management. A job in personal training can be acquired with a certificate. However, your chances of gainful employment would be improved with an associate’s degree in sports sciences and a supplemental certificate or concentration in personal training. Sports sciences degrees include a curriculum heavy in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and exercise.

Online Degrees in Sports Sciences

To enhance your sports sciences degree or advance your career, online learning and degree completion programs are extremely useful. Even with a full-time job and additional responsibilities, with online education, it is possible to complete additional degrees, fortify your credentials and expand your knowledge base. Many institutions are now offering online degrees in several areas of the sports sciences. Most programs are designed for the working professional – classes can be taken wherever and whenever – no commuting and no classroom meetings. Institutions that offer these degrees online include California University of Pennsylvania, Simmons College, University of Alabama, and United States Sports Academy.

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Finding the Right Online University

First, Find The Right Online Degree
Before you begin to settle on a decision about which online university will provide the most bang for your buck, you should first do some shopping online to determine which degree is the one you most want to pursue. There is a wide range of online education opportunities for you to take into consideration. To distinguish themselves from each other, online universities offer many different types of degrees. Even within one field, you will find many different online degree experiences. A Bachelor’s of business at online university A will differ from the one you can pursue at online university B, etc. You will probably find that each online university you shop around in offers several versions, however nuanced, of the same degree. This is all good news for prospective students like yourself; it’s good to have options. However, in a bang-per-buck discussion, first you should decide what you want out of your online degree. Then, when you know what online degree it is that you’re after, do some comparison shopping among the online universities that offer the degree of your dreams.

Do Your Comparison Shopping
While this is a bang-per-buck discussion, don’t just make your decision based on what your online degree will cost. You should also think about what your online degree will offer you. You’ve already done quite a bit of this type of thinking by putting the time in to determine what type of online degree program you’re truly interested in. Don’t shortchange yourself at this point by just going with the online university that gives you the lowest quote on price. In addition to your consideration of the cost of your online university, you should factor in the intangibles each of the online universities you’re comparing will offer you. What are the success stories of graduates of the various online universities you’re comparing? Are there graduates you can call or email to quiz them about their experiences in the online degree program you’re considering? Which of the online universities has the strongest alumni network? Which of the online universities you’re researching have the best records of placing their students into high-profile careers after they graduate? Again, to get the best bang for your buck, take into every aspect of what the various online universities you’re considering offer, not just price.

Avoid Online Degree Mills
Finally, a word must be said about so-called online degree mills. Avoid these at all costs. Make sure the online university you sign on with is fully accredited, meaning that the degree you earn from it will be acknowledged and respected.

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What are the Most Popular Online Degrees

Although there are hundreds of different online degrees, it should be no surprise that a particular few remain consistently the most popular to pursue. Online research shows that although the percentage of people obtaining a certain degree fluctuates from semester to semester, the main trends of interest remain: Business, Healthcare, Criminal Justice and Computer Science.

Business Degrees

Business people are among the most competitive workers out there and are constantly trying to move up in their career; thus it should make sense that the pursuit of a Business Degree is among the top most sought after online degree there is. Along with business degrees, you can also find specializations and special courses for furthering your knowledge in business. Listed below are examples of online Business Degrees:

Associate Degrees in Business for Management and Accounting

Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Financial Planning certificates

Master’s Degrees in Business Administration or MBA


Healthcare should come as no surprise as ranking as one of the top most popular online degree to get. Healthcare is an ever changing, ever evolving discipline. Nurses and doctors need to be forever researching and being informed of new forms of healthcare and practice. On top of that, in order to keep their licenses and certifications, they need to constantly be updating their degrees and certification. Listed below are examples of online Healthcare Degrees:

Nursing Degrees

Sports & Fitness Degrees

Psychology Degrees

Healthcare Administration Degrees

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is also currently a very attractive field for online students. More and more people are deciding to pursue a degree that can lead to jobs in corrections, law enforcement and the court system. Listed below are examples of Criminal Justice Degrees:

Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice

PH.D’s in Criminal Justice

Masters in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Certificate Programs

Computer Science

Computer Science is a popular degree in online education today. With the growth of the internet digital media and careers will soon dominate traditional jobs. Also teens’ excitement about social media and mobile technologies causes this degree to become very valuable and popular.   Listed below are examples of Computer Science Degrees:

Associate of Arts in Information Technology/ Database Development

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Database Administration

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology- Information Systems Security

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology- Multimedia and Visual Communication

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