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Here are some interesting, helpful and sometimes just plain ol' fun top tip lists.

5 Best Ways To Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination is a college student’s worst nightmare. The biggest impediments that you’ll face in school will be self-created time restraints. Time management is crucial. You have to balance the fun with the not so fun if you want to succeed in college. Here are five ways to help you avoid procrastinating. 1. Budget your time […]

10 Things College Professors Will Expect From You

College professors are regular people just like anyone else. They are commonly stereotyped as stuffy, overly academic, egocentric, brainiacs with a love for tweed jackets with patches on the elbows, and long wooden tobacco pipes. Or maybe they are categorized as eccentrics. Ever hear of the nutty professor? Again, college professors are people just like […]

How to Conquer the MCAT – Tips on How to Succeed

Almost all American medical schools require that you to take the MCAT exam before applying to medical school. Some schools place an even weight on your MCAT score and your GPA, so it is important that you do well on the MCAT as well as having a high GPA. In order to best prepare for […]

10 Tips On Surviving Senior Year

1.Take college application seriously. If you didn't start your junior year, the beginning of senior year is when you need to decide which schools you will visit and which schools you'll apply to. 2.Make an appointment with your guidance counselor. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of schools to which you could apply, you're […]

10 Basics For College Preparation

Preparing for college can seem pretty overwhelming, but if you take the time to work on your approach, you can easily get into the college of your choice. Here are 10 suggestions that will help you successfully prepare for college. 1. Get excellent grades in high school High schools important. Your academic performance during your […]

5 Ways To Alleviate Stress

Maybe your roommate borrowed your favorite skirt and spilled juice on it. Maybe you just got a disappointing grade. Whatever happened, you're stressed out and don't know what to do about it. The next time you're climbing the walls over a stressful situation, try one of the following tips. 1. Talk About It. Call your […]

Five Simple Actions to Help You Excel as an Undergraduate Student

Five Simple Actions to Help You Excel as an Undergraduate Student There is little doubt that as a student, you are reading this article because you are serious about school. You should be proud to know that your attitude will lead you to success, since a lot of your peers will not be serious and […]

6 Steps To Green light Your Online Education

The information age has ushered in the popularity and acceptance of online correspondence courses and degree programs, and if you are ready to get started, congratulations on scratching the surface. Digging deeper, consider these brief, yet necessary 6 online education, school starting steps to move you forward in pursuit of your goal! Weigh Your Options […]

Five Tips for Networking While in College

Networking is a critical part of life, but it is often a very misunderstood practice. Networking is not the process of collecting contacts who can help you out at some future point in time. If this selfish supposition is your stating point, then your network is not likely to grow or maintain itself as a […]

5 Ways To Get Into The College Of Your Choice

College is all about personal preference. You need to pick the school that’s right for you and nobody else but you. If you have a particular university that’s high on your list, there are certain measures you can take that will improve the likelihood of you getting accepted. Here are five tips that’ll help you […]

5 Reasons Why Graduate School is Right For You – Now, Not Later

Many undergraduates decide that at some point that they would like to pursue their goal of earning their advanced degree. Some decide to take some time off between their undergraduate and graduate education. Others go straight from earning their undergraduate degree to graduate school. Which way you decide to go depends on you personally, but […]

Five Tips For Working In A Group

In college, you’ll find ways to motivate yourself that you never even knew existed. You will develop confidence in your abilities and you will perform well under pressure. No task will appear daunting to you, because you’re going to develop into a well-oiled machine that devours academic adversity like there’s no tomorrow. Then, as if […]

Top 4 Reasons to Get a Bachelors Degree Online

It can be really difficult to get the career that is perfect for you without having a Bachelors Degree but what you may not know is that it is now easier than ever to obtain your degree online. It is now becoming more common for students to return to school online rather than by traditional […]

Score Your Highest: Top 10 Proven Test Strategies

This is it – test time is here! Whether you’ve studied diligently and feel highly confident about comprehending the subject matter, or you crammed the night before, or you just didn’t study at all – your chances of improving your test score can probably be helped by using the following top 10 proven test strategies: […]

Organizations for Graduate Student – 5 That Should Be Considered

Graduate students are busy people. They are busy with their coursework. They are busy with their research. They are busy with their thesis. And in some cases they are busy with their family and work life. It is important though that graduate students take time out of their busy schedules to become involved in organizations […]

5 Reasons To Job Hunt Online

Online job searching is the easiest and most effective way to find a new position. If you're still thinking about dropping a quarter to flip through a newspaper, here are five reasons why you should skip the paper and search online. 1. No more dirty fingers. Job hunting in newspapers is a thing of the […]

How Not to Procrastinate

Procrastination. Why do we postpone what needs to done today until tomorrow? Often, it's a bad habit picked up at some point in life. In more serious cases, procrastination is linked to feelings of guilt, low self esteem, inadequacy and fear of success. A distorted sense of not only time, but also the scope and […]

10 Ways To Excel At College

1. Be Open To New Experiences Entering college, you are a stranger in a strange new world. You probably don't know anyone, and you might be far from home and lonely. Who could blame you for clinging to the familiar? Understand, though, that just about every new student is going through the same emotions that […]

Need a New Job? – 5 Tips…

Do you need a new job? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, people change careers an average of six to seven times during the course of a lifetime. Finding a new job or career can be a daunting task, but there are some steps you can take to ease the stress of changing jobs. […]

Top Five Tips For Coping With College

When you first get to college, you will be in a period of transition. You’ll have to adjust to a new environment, new living situation, new people and new priorities. Adjusting will take a little time, but you’ll settle into your new surroundings before you know it. Here are five tips to help you cope […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses

If you're going to be spending four years or more at a college or university, you probably want to go somewhere that looks nice, somewhere you can learn in a pleasant, positive environment. Appealing surroudings can make even the most stressful study situation easily handled, and some of the best colleges and universities seemed to […]

Top 5 Best Study Habits

1. Go to class Show up to your lectures and sections. Participate in class discussions. Absorb all the information that you are supposed to, and don’t let absences create gaps in your knowledge. If you miss one lecture in your global history course, you’re going to always wonder just exactly how humanity formed the ability […]

The Road to Success…– Discover Your Unique Talents

When searching for the things that set you apart from others in your field, it is important to remember that your skills, talents, and experience make you one of a kind. As many human resources managers can attest, people often share similar educational background and qualifications, but each individual is very different. Your personality, motivations, […]

Finally.. Summer Vacation!! Enjoy Your Summer With These Tips..

Go Into The Summer Proud Of What You've Accomplished Study hard! The first piece of advice you should hear about having an enjoyable summer is that you should work hard in school BEFORE your summer vacation. Go into the summer break as a triumphant young scholar who has had victory over every exam and paper […]

So hungry I could eat a … oh … never mind

Top 10 Schools With Yucky Food College has never been synonymous with fine dining. The image of the "starving student" isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but a freshman cannot live on Ramen noodles alone. True, your college town might have some of the finest restaurants in the world. But if you're the typical college student, […]

10 Ways To Be A Good Graduate Student

1. Take Your Work (And Yourself) Seriously You might be continuing on right after undergraduate, or perhaps you're going back for an advanced degree after a stint in the working world. Maybe you've decided to go back for that Master of Information Systems to increase your earning power. Or, maybe you've arrived at a point […]

10 Ways To Maximize Your Time Off From School

College life can be tense and a bit stressful at times. Students who excel in college are self-disciplined and know how to manage their time. The constant managing of time and priorities does not suddenly stop when your vacation starts—it’s an ongoing process. Here are 10 ways that you can maximize your time when you […]

10 Tips On Surviving Junior Year

1. Keep Those Grades High If you're a junior, you might be sick of hearing this truism uttered over and over. The reason it's called a truism, though, is that it's true. Your junior year grades will matter the most to college admissions committees. While colleges do look at the whole picture of your academic […]

The Five Secrets Nobody Knows to Getting Good Grades

OK, maybe it's not that nobody knows the five secrets to getting good grades, it's just that nobody uses them. It's simpler than you think to raise your grades and maintain a higher grade point average. You don't have to be a genius or a bookworm to improve your grades substantially and maybe even hit […]

Top 7 Ways to Succeeding as an Online Student

Online Degrees are a flexible way for busy and time-constrained individuals to attain a college degree or certification. Although convenient, the dropout rate for online degree programs is higher than traditional degree programs. Here are 7 ways to make sure that you do not contribute to the percentage of incomplete degrees: 1. Master the Technology: […]

Top 4 Ways to Succeed in an Online Degree Program

Online Degree Programs are a popular way for working adults and nontraditional students to earn their Associates and Bachelors degrees while still managing to maintain their responsibilities. A lot of people think that it will be too hard to go back to school once they have left but the reality is that it can be […]

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