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The Five Secrets Nobody Knows to Getting Good Grades

secret The Five Secrets Nobody Knows to Getting Good GradesOK, maybe it's not that nobody knows the five secrets to getting good grades, it's just that nobody uses them. It's simpler than you think to raise your grades and maintain a higher grade point average. You don't have to be a genius or a bookworm to improve your grades substantially and maybe even hit the Dean's list. The following tips will work for anyone. It doesn't matter if your a freshman or a senior, in a huge university or a community college.

1. Attitude is everything
Go into your day completely believing that you're about to give it your all. There is an old saying that goes "Can't never could," meaning if you go in with a "cant-do-it" attitude you'll never accomplish anything. Be confident.

2. Never miss a class
This might seem like a no-brainer but you'd be surprised. Make a promise to yourself that you will not miss a class unless you have a fever of 105 degrees or are in the hospital. Drag yourself to class no matter how you feel or what disastrous thing has happened. Making a habit of this helps in more ways than one. Teachers love students that show up, it's that simple. You can get attendance points that can make the difference in an A and a B. You also absorb the material so much better when you hear it first hand, listen to the questions and answers and then go home and read it.

3. Do your homework
Another no-brainer, right? Wrong. Students usually want to skip homework when it's something like just reading material. Always do your homework, no matter what it is. They give it to you for a reason. There may be a pop quiz tomorrow. Even if you feel your familiar enough with the subject matter, do it anyway. It cant hurt.

4. Get organized
This one is important and can be the hard one for some students. Use a planner and write things down. Need to read three chapters for tomorrow? Write it down. Quiz on Thursday? Write it down. Have to turn in your thesis on Monday? Write it down. Its not always easy to be organized. Use a day planner or PDA. Keep each classes work separate and in it's own place.

5. Take notes
There are things that the professor will say in class that aren't in the text book. These are essential clues to knowing what will be on the tests and exams. Listen attentively to what is touched on in class and make note of it. When studying later rewrite your notes on your computer or just more legibly. Studies show that retention of material is directly related to rewriting it.

While doing all these things will definitely help you increase your grade point average, it's still also important to maintain a good relationship with your professor and study consistently. Don't be afraid to approach your professor for help or advice and make sure that you don't cut your regular study time because your taking better notes. College is a multitasking environment and the more tasks you can juggle at once the better off you'll be.

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