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Five Simple Actions to Help You Excel as an Undergraduate Student

Alevelstudent 468x320 Five Simple Actions to Help You Excel as an Undergraduate StudentFive Simple Actions to Help You Excel as an Undergraduate Student

There is little doubt that as a student, you are reading this article because you are serious about school. You should be proud to know that your attitude will lead you to success, since a lot of your peers will not be serious and success will elude them. Over the course of your schooling you will encounter numerous obstacles ranging from time expenditures to budgeting to figuring out what you want to do after school. Implementing the next five steps over the course of your scholastic career will make your life a lot easier and more organized.

Think about where to live. This question sounds simple enough, however, have you thought about what type of environment is and is not conducive to life as a student? Since you will be spending a good portion of your day working on assignments and studying, be aware that a party atmosphere will only be a distraction. The last thing that you want to happen is to find yourself a few weeks into school failing classes and needing to get caught up. It happens needlessly all of the time. Also take into account whether or not the school is in walking or biking distance in case of a loss of a vehicle. At the very least, have a reliable ride that could be committed to getting you to school on time everyday for a short period until you have adequate transportation again.

Properly plan your work and school schedule. Most schools schedule classes well in advance. So, take a look at what classes are being offered months in advance before the rush as the start of school gets closer. Not only will you give yourself more time to decide on classes, you will have first pick at all of the interesting ones along with great class times. This is doubly important for those that need to work as they attend school. Ensure you will have time to transition from class to class and then make it to work on time.

Set goals for success. Without some forward thinking you will not be able to achieve your goals in life. The simplest way to achieve a large goal is to set shorter term goals to achieve in the interim that will ultimately help you achieve the main goal. As it relates to school, your short-term goals should be to visit your career services office for career guidance as well as allowing enough time each day to complete homework. A medium-term goal could be thinking about passing your individual classes. Look at the syllabus and figure out early what it will take to be ready for mid terms, final exams and final projects. For the long-term, figure out where you may wish to work after school and contact that company to find out about opportunities such as internships. Or, perhaps a graduate degree is something that better suits you. Know that a good grade point average is important to not only get accepted, but to get a scholarship as well.

Figure out your budget and watch out for financial pitfalls! Going to school is also a financial burden for most people. Figure out a budget for yourself every month that includes all of your bills and any spending money left over. If you need to work just be sure that you can handle the workload. For those of you that will be living in dorms, be very careful with the credit card offers that you are sure to receive from your first day at school. Make sure you fully understand how credit cards work before deciding on utilizing one. Many students every year get into financial trouble by over using credit cards.

If you need help early, ask for it! All students have difficulty in one or more classes every year. If you do not comprehend a lesson be sure to ask a professor for some private instruction or a reference to a tutor. Better yet, look into the possibility of finding a mentor that is available to spend a few hours per week or per month. If you are sure about the direction you are headed, someone that has been there and done that already will have incredibly valuable things to share with you.

Innovative planning is an effective way to achieve your goals in life. Take time to think about where you have been in life, where you are and where you want to go. And put together your plan!

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