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Best ways to Alleviate the Stress Associated With School

meditation Best ways to Alleviate the Stress Associated With SchoolStress is the result of changing hormones and chemicals within the human body. During this time, the digestive and immune systems shut down. This reaction is not good for the human body and is certainly not going to help you achieve in school. Some of the more common reasons for stress are lack of planning, lack of exercise and proper nutrition topped off with a lack of adequate rest and down time. For some, all three are factors. Do not be discouraged, however, there are some simple lifestyle changes that will greatly reduce stress,

Lack of planning is the biggest factor causing stress in the lives of students. So, sit down and write out your short, medium and long-term goals. Ensure that you utilize your class syllabus to prepare your goals. For instance, a short-term goal could be figuring out what work needs to be done by the end of the week. Medium-term goals could be written down as the preparation necessary to pass mid-term exams. Finally, the long-term goal for the semester should be earning an 'A' on every project, quiz and final exam.

If you do not take a proactive role in your education, then you will be left constantly trying to play catch up. The decision is up to you, but knowing what needs to be accomplished in school and setting forth a game plan will greatly reduce the amount of school related stress. Next, behind a lack of planning, the lack of exercise and proper nutrition greatly increases stress levels in the body. Simply put, if you do not eat a low fat diet with balanced proportions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water, your body will not function properly. Now, add to that a lack of physical activity, the human body has no means to get rid of stress, toxins and fat building up within the body. If you then take this lifestyle one step further and add onto that a lack of sleep and resting time, body may show signs of getting sick.

The solution to managing stress in these areas is simple. First, talk to a nutritionist at your school or one of the trainers at the school gym. They are experts at guiding you to a healthier lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise. Resting properly is also a major concern for those in college. With late night parties and after school swimming parties being the norm, you must discipline yourself to relaxing in your down time and ensuring a full nights rest.

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