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Quality Students Guide to Accreditation

Not all schools are created equal. A school’s accreditation can have huge impact on the quality of your education, undergraduate credit transfers, acceptance to graduate school, and future employment.  Find out the accreditation level of EVERY school you are considering before applying.

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Accreditation. Is It Important?

There is one way that accreditation is highly important: if you receive a degree from an alternative source, such as online distance learning. When it comes to a traditional college, name recognition may be more important than accreditation. While most brick and mortar schools are accredited, some colleges have a greater impact than others. Everyone […]

Get Your BA Online!!

Generally there are two types of bachelor’s degrees offered to prospective students: The B.S. (Bachelor of Science) and B.A. (Bachelor of Arts). If you are seeking a B.A. degree through online education, you have many options to choose from. And being able to do it all from your Internet connection means less stress and worlds […]

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