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Common Graduate School Admissions Essay Questions

Admission to a graduate school almost always requires some sort of written statement as a part of the application. The importance of the statement varies from school to school and from field to field, but overall there is an assessment occurring of the applicant's academic worthiness via his or her communication skills. Although the essay […]

Living Large with an MBA

Having an MBA can open so many new paths to you. The sky is truly the limit when you have your MBA. Suddenly, a whole new world of opportunities is open to you, and you can pick and choose what you want to do and where you want to do it. Maybe that sounds great […]

5 Reasons Why Graduate School is Right For You – Now, Not Later

Many undergraduates decide that at some point that they would like to pursue their goal of earning their advanced degree. Some decide to take some time off between their undergraduate and graduate education. Others go straight from earning their undergraduate degree to graduate school. Which way you decide to go depends on you personally, but […]

What Are The Time Requirements of an MBA?

Time requirements of an MBA differ if you're obtaining one part-time, or in a full-time program. For both part-time and full-time students, prerequisites might be a factor of time before you even get started. Calculus, basic statistics and basic accounting would have to be taken before being able to tackle the application and first core […]

Organizations for Graduate Student – 5 That Should Be Considered

Graduate students are busy people. They are busy with their coursework. They are busy with their research. They are busy with their thesis. And in some cases they are busy with their family and work life. It is important though that graduate students take time out of their busy schedules to become involved in organizations […]

Are You A Good MBA Candidate?

Am I a good MBA candidate? Depends. Are you a good MBA candidate because you possess the external factors that will get you into the program of your choice? Or are you a good MBA candidate because you have the internal motivation, passion and stamina to complete your program? The external factors to consider are […]

How To Pay For Your Masters Degree – Cutting Tuition Costs!

With both in-state and out-of-state tuitions climbing at a similar rate as gasoline, many potential graduate students are finding themselves wondering if pursuing an advanced degree is really a good investment. For many of us, the thought of taking on more dept is terrifying and enough to prevent us from going back to school. Before […]

Prepare Yourself Financially For Your Graduate Degree

Earning a graduate degree is perhaps one of the most time intensive yet rewarding challenges that a seeker of knowledge can undertake. Few people, however, consider the big picture when it comes to the entire financial aspect of earning a master's degree. Tuition will undoubtedly be one of the biggest expenses, but there are other […]

10 Ways To Be A Good Graduate Student

1. Take Your Work (And Yourself) Seriously You might be continuing on right after undergraduate, or perhaps you're going back for an advanced degree after a stint in the working world. Maybe you've decided to go back for that Master of Information Systems to increase your earning power. Or, maybe you've arrived at a point […]

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