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Choosing a Major

Building Your Future

Choosing a college is choosing a future, or at least building towards it, so certain things should be kept in mind like future finances, job opportunities and location. By taking into account these things, applicants can work toward a rewarding future. One of the worst things a young person can do is start life in […]

Are You A Good MBA Candidate?

Am I a good MBA candidate? Depends. Are you a good MBA candidate because you possess the external factors that will get you into the program of your choice? Or are you a good MBA candidate because you have the internal motivation, passion and stamina to complete your program? The external factors to consider are […]

Five Myths About College

Ask anyone who graduated from college and they will tell you that they wish they knew a certain piece of insider information before they went to school. College is full of myths and half-truths. Here’s a list of the top five. Myth 1: You don’t have to know what you want to do until your […]

Finding an Online Environmental Education Degree

Looking for an online environmental education degree program? What should you consider? How about cost? Do you look at the reputation? How about quality? Or good professors? What about accessibility? All these are important considerations when trying to choose an online education degree program that will fit your needs and goals. Quality Quality of your […]

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