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What is the Average Age of an Online Student?

The beauty about online education is you can be almost any age and receive a degree or certification! According to the U.S. Census Bureau the average age of a college student is 25 years of age and older; but the University of Phoenix’s, a top accredited online university, average student’s age is between 35-37 years of age.

Thanks to the internet, you can decide that your 50th birthday present to yourself will be the gift of education. That gift can be the choice to return to school to pursue a degree in interior design. The flexibility and convenience of online education makes getting your degree so much easier. You can do your school work on your own schedule. You can learn a trade more quickly than you can in a traditional school setting. Online degrees are less disruptive for you, your life and family.

Even with all these incredibly benefits, why is the average age of an online student still much older? One reason can be the cost of education. As the years go by, the tuition for higher educational institutes increases. As a result, many students decide to go into the workforce in the beginning so they can finance their college education. Work first and study later!

Another reason is the growth in medicine/ healthcare research which can translate into longer life expectancies. Because people are living longer they are working longer and retiring later. Since the average person spends more time in the workforce, they have to purse continual educational programs to stay inform and up to date in their chosen field of work.

Also with the decline in the economy and the rise in unemployment, many people are taking refuge in the classroom. The Workforce Investment Act, a government-funded program with the goal of providing adults with the money needed for the education, skills, and training they need to get and retain jobs, is being utilized more than ever before.

So no matter what age you are or where you are in your life, consider taking an online course. It is very too late to teach an old dog tricks!

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