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Working & Going to School

Weekend, Evening, And Summer Classes

The proliferation of weekend, evening, and summer classes in continuing education are what make it possible for people to take these classes while still pursuing a full-time job. For some people, this enables them to learn miscellaneous skills outside of work. For others, this allows them to earn credits toward a degree. Within Columbia University, […]

Organizations for Graduate Student – 5 That Should Be Considered

Graduate students are busy people. They are busy with their coursework. They are busy with their research. They are busy with their thesis. And in some cases they are busy with their family and work life. It is important though that graduate students take time out of their busy schedules to become involved in organizations […]

Making the Transition to College Life

Attending college is one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions that anyone makes for their future. Typically, there are two types of students: either you are just out of high school looking to further your education or you have been in the working world for a while and realized that further adult education will […]

Online Education Could Be the Answer to Unemployment

The unemployment rate is higher than ever and people are continuing to lose jobs every day. For many unemployed, they may not have a job to return to, even when the economy picks up again. Misfortune could be turned into opportunity with an online degree in a new field. Online education can provide many benefits […]

Why Online Colleges are Great for Moms

Raising children is definitely a full time job but it is also important to make sure that you can provide for your family and give them all of the things they need. For this reason and more many moms are deciding to go back to school to obtain a degree necessary to get a career […]

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