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Work For a Professor

Working for a professor can be one of the more rewarding on campus work experiences. If you are lucky enough, you may get a job working for your favorite professor. Even if he or she is unfamiliar, working for a professor can give you a behind the scenes look at college education.

In college, there is less of a dividing line between student and teacher than in high school. Students are invited to come by a teacher’s office. In addition, students might spend time with a teacher socially—though this may be frowned on in certain educational settings. Working for a professor is the best way to get to know a professor both personally and professionally.

This is especially important if you are thinking about getting a PhD in order to teach in the future. If you are entering the business sector, working with certain high-profile professors can look very good on your resume. Having a reference from a professor you have worked with—as opposed to just being a student in a class—is enormously helpful when applying for a job right out of college.

The type of work you will be doing depends on the professor’s department. Working for a professor of history will be much different than working for a chemistry professor. In the former, you may be doing clerical work, such as answering phones, organizing files, and the like. If the professor is working on a book, some research may also be necessary.

If you are working for a master’s degree, you may be required to work as an assistant professor. In some cases, you may run a class yourself. This is separate from on campus employment, as an assistant professorship is required as part of the degree itself.

There are also grants available in which graduate students are able to work directly with a certain high-profile professor on research projects. Many science professors, for example, are not just teachers but working scientists. Such a grant will allow students to work in a laboratory setting as well as help the professor with clerical and non-laboratory research work.

Undergraduates can find listings for working in a professor’s office on college job boards. These jobs will list the credentials necessary—either undergrad or graduate—and the hours required. Generally, working for a professor pays the same amount as other jobs on campus and undergraduates are only allowed to work twenty hours a week maximum.

It is usually easiest to get a job with a professor if you have taken his or her class in the past. These jobs are often given to a star pupil—especially if the job requires a lot of hands on research work. If the job is mainly clerical, the job will available to other students as well, though normally only those who are studying within the same department.

Whatever the case, working for a professor can be one of the most educational experiences on campus—; it’'s like combining a course curriculum with real world experience. A student can use the knowledge gained from the experience as he or she applies for a job after graduation.

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