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The Magic of Networking – Building A Network Is Worth The Effort

The Magic of Networking One of the best ways that you can get you can build a great career is by building a great network. Being well-connected within your industry will open many doors and will help you to have the kind of fast-paced career that you will really enjoy. The more professional relationships you […]

Going to the Dean’s Office…Really, It’s a Good Thing!

Ever since the movie "Animal House" gave us iron-fisted, ham-handed Dean Wormser, college deans have been getting a bad rap. But consider this description from the Yale Alumni Magazine: “The deans are a rare breed. Part parent; part scholar (a dean is expected to teach a course every year); part facilitator; part parish priest, minister, […]

Five Tips for Networking While in College

Networking is a critical part of life, but it is often a very misunderstood practice. Networking is not the process of collecting contacts who can help you out at some future point in time. If this selfish supposition is your stating point, then your network is not likely to grow or maintain itself as a […]

Smart Networking Tips For Job-hunting Grads

You don't have to be a seasoned professional to have a great list of contacts. In fact, if you think about it, you probably already have a number of contacts that you made without really thinking about it. All of your classmates and professors are contacts. That is a pretty good start. Also, everyone that […]

The Advantages of Part Time Jobs

Getting a part time job while still in college can help plan for the future. Often college students are required to get a part time job as part of a work-study financial aid package. The student will work on or off campus and begin paying off student loans. This can be difficult to add to […]

Networking: When to Use a Job Recruiter

Generally, the best person to do your job search is you. No one understands your criteria and skills better than you do. Furthermore, it is always best to use your own contacts to land a job. However, there are times when it is beneficial to use a job recruiter. A job recruiter has many contacts […]

Work For a Professor

Working for a professor can be one of the more rewarding on campus work experiences. If you are lucky enough, you may get a job working for your favorite professor. Even if he or she is unfamiliar, working for a professor can give you a behind the scenes look at college education. In college, there […]

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